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Developing Meaningful Workforce Rewards

Your People are the Heart of Your Business — Reward Them

Look at your balance sheet and you won’t see any line items that reflect your employees’ enthusiasm, engagement, or energy levels.  But these intangible factors are key to employee performance. Make them sustainable with the right rewards strategies.

What We Do

People are the drivers of business results — but what motivates people?

Mercer has more than 80 years' experience understanding what motivates employees and translating that knowledge into reward structures that resonate with them.

We work with clients to develop Employee Value Propositions (EVP), reward strategies and reward programmes that help attract, retain, engage and motivate their employees.

Our Approach

Why work with Mercer to support you with your reward challenges? 

Our UK based reward consulting team is part of a network of 2,500 Career consultants globally, located in 40 countries worldwide. We offer a range of solutions designed to meet the needs of smaller organisations establishing the foundations for more effective HR and reward management through to fully integrated reward and talent solutions designed to support large global multinationals maximise the value of their existing people investments.

  • We act as true partners, enabling you to address key organisational challenges by finding the right solutions for your organisation, and at the right price point.
  • We provide self-service tools like PayStart, to enable you to address your reward challenges independently. We are here to support you with globally robust methodologies as you grow.
  • We provide analytics at points where needed, for example around employee preferences or internal labour market movement. 
  • We enable our clients to deliver meaningful change quickly, providing the evidence to build the business case and the expertise in program design, governance and engagement to create buy-in

Did You Know?

  • 96% of UK employees want to be recognised and rewarded for a wide range of contributions, not just financial
  • Only 1 in 4 employees in the UK say that their company has a distinctive value proposition, this contrasts with over half of HR and business leaders believing the proposition they offer is unique
  • Organisations that create a thriving environment, through interventions such as a clear people strategy and a compelling value proposition, have employees who are nearly three times more likely to report job satisfaction and a desire to stay with their organisation

    Source: Mercer Talent Trends 2017



How can we help? Some of our solutions are outlined below.

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