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Your people define your culture and ultimately determine your organization’s success. The right rewards are critical. For most companies, rewards form the center of a talent strategy framework that supports the goals of your business.

Your People are the Heart of Your Business — Reward Them

Look at your balance sheet and you won’t see any line items that reflect your employees’ enthusiasm, engagement, or energy levels.  But these intangible factors are key to employee performance. Make them sustainable with the right rewards strategies.


How effectively are you rewarding performance? Do your incentive plans drive the right behaviors? Is your company’s performance management achieving the desired results? Can your company identify top performers? Mercer is a thought leader in performance management practices and trends as well as incentive plan design.


Delivered fairly and consistently

The desire for pay fairness continues to dominate global headlines as industry leaders, politicians and investors carry this agenda forward. Mercer’s global review process, supported by our Pay Equity Calculator™, helps you review pay equity across your global workforce. Our proprietary job evaluation methodology gives you an objective measure of job value, while our approach to career frameworks helps you establish job families and universal career levels that align with your pay programs to deliver pay equitably and consistently.

What We Do

People are the drivers of business results — but what motivates people?

Mercer has more than 80 years' experience understanding what motivates employees and translating that knowledge into reward structures that resonate with them.

We work with clients to develop Employee Value Propositions (EVP), reward strategies and reward programmes that help attract, retain, engage and motivate their employees.

Our Approach

Why work with Mercer to support you with your reward challenges? 

Our UK based reward consulting team is part of a network of 2,500 Career consultants globally, located in 40 countries worldwide. We offer a range of solutions designed to meet the needs of smaller organisations establishing the foundations for more effective HR and reward management through to fully integrated reward and talent solutions designed to support large global multinationals maximise the value of their existing people investments.

  • We act as true partners, enabling you to address key organisational challenges by finding the right solutions for your organisation, and at the right price point.
  • We provide self-service tools like PayStart, to enable you to address your reward challenges independently. We are here to support you with globally robust methodologies as you grow.
  • We provide analytics at points where needed, for example around employee preferences or internal labour market movement. 
  • We enable our clients to deliver meaningful change quickly, providing the evidence to build the business case and the expertise in program design, governance and engagement to create buy-in
  • Job Architecture and Career Frameworks: Build your infrastructure to optimize your HCM system and provide a foundation for career pathing
  • Benchmarking and Pay Structure Design:  Benchmark salaries and level jobs through our comprehensive suite of rewards surveys  and develop compensation strategies to manage pay
  • Incentive Plan Design – develop incentive plans that drive business performance
  • Employee Communication: Build engaging digital communications to meet employees where they are
Did You Know?
  • In the UK, redesigning jobs, enhancing career moves and delivering more diverse reward offerings are top HR priorities for reward
  • UK employees say that opportunities to earn more, provision of a broader range of rewards and compensation and fair and equitable reward structures are their top priorities for future reward
  • Thriving employees in the UK work in an inclusive, flexible environment that offers a strong sense of purpose and valuable learning opportunities and are three times more likely to feel a sense of belonging to their company

Source: Mercer Talent Trends 2019


Building the foundations:

Creating a thriving environment:

Creating competitive reward offerings:

Please refer to our Packaged Workforce Reward Consulting Solutions page for an overview of our range of pre-defined solutions targeted towards small to mid-sized organisations or for larger organisations establishing a common policy framework for the first time.   

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