Embrace the new culture of flexibility


Covid has shone a light on workplace flexibility. Before the pandemic flexibility was tolerated, and only in particular circumstances. Now it appears that it will become the norm, with people working alternative patterns as standard. Organisations still need to balance the risks and the benefits in developing an approach that meets both the needs of the employee and the business. And this requires the organisation to consider more than just where people work (and how they balance their time between these locations).


As we return to the office organisations are realising that agility and the ability to resist future threats require that we also consider flexibility in when people work, what they do, how they adapt to the changing intensity of work, and who does the work. The design of tomorrow’s adaptive workingTM models also need to be well implemented and managed, balancing the need for a consistent framework and the need for local management discretion. This isn’t just another policy, it’s a culture change that needs to be designed.


Mercer can help you develop an action plan for change that delivers work/life balance and successful flexible working. Creating an adaptive working environment requires a change that involves undoing old norms and behaviours and embracing a new culture of flexibility.



David Wreford

David Wreford

Partner, Mercer

David helps clients maximise the value of their investment in their staff by increasing the effectiveness and sophistication of their career and reward programs.

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