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Disruption in the world of work has been rapidly led by automation, digitisation and globalisation creating a tougher market for talent. Organisations are required to plan for an unknown future.                                  

We partner with organisations to help them drive performance and engagement through individuals and leaders, supporting them to face their most complex workforce challenges. We help clients ready themselves for the future of work, through advanced analytics, leadership and assessment strategy and programme development, bespoke and core engagement surveys, ensuring the connection with reward design through career frameworks and performance strategy.

Mercer Talent Strategy are global thought leaders with 385 consultants operating in 33 countries worldwide. Our UK team of consultants have been advising organisations from across sectors for more than 20 years.

62% of organizations rate themselves as ineffective at workforce planning.

Do you really understand your people — who they are, how they’re performing and where you’re losing them? You need the best plan for your workforce that combines human capital data, exclusive research and expert consulting.

Using workforce analysis will ensure that every dollar counts and every desk (virtual or otherwise) is occupied by someone contributing to your success.

Our Approach

Our clients choose to partner with us because we bring deep technical expertise and insights underpinned by our global research and data banks. We also offer a broader understanding of business and workforce challenges to ensure that solutions are workable and can be implemented to support systemic change.

Our consultants are connected to a global network of experts varying from strategy, to rewards, to benefits and technology. They can make this knowledge available to you as required. Just as your people challenges are not isolated, neither should your advisors be.

We are agile and provide consulting support which balances your needs with your budget and time. We partner with you to ensure we meet your requirements and bring the right strategic and tactical solutions alongside value and pace.

Did You Know?
  • Only 50% of today’s skills will be applicable in 2020 (World Economic Forum, 2015)
  • 93% of executives will make an org design change in 2018 (Mercer Talent Trends 2017)
  • C-suite executives lack confidence in their organisation’s ability to:
    - Reskill displaced workers (20%)
    - Fill newly vacant positions with external talent (43%)
    - Redeploy talent internally (39%)

(Mercer Talent Trends 2017)


How can we help? Some of our solutions are outlined below.

People Strategy:

  • The strategy is designed to ensure your business has the organisation capability, leadership and culture, skills and agile work models it needs to compete and succeed in the future. 
  • We have a clear and practical methodology which brings data and market insights to inform your vision for the future workforce and provide focus for design and spend. We design programmes relating to attracting, sourcing, engaging, growing and rewarding talent and bring controls through governance, metrics, technology and communications drive effective performance. 

Workforce Analytics:

  • We assist companies in determining the quantity and quality of workforce required for each critical job family, and formulate workforce strategies to address any gaps and risks; using data analytics to help clients to resolve complex talent issues.
  • Our tools include External Labour Market analysis which can help identify sources of talent and inform your decisions around locations. Our Internal Labour Market analysis visualises the flow of people into, through, and out of an organisation, identifying who gets hired, who performs well, who advances, who stays and so on. 

Talent Assessment:

  • We have a full suite of leadership assessment tools to facilitate selection processes, assessment of potential and performance from C-suite to first-line leaders.  We can mobilise a global team of over 300 assessors and the latest technologies, including virtual assessments, to find the best fit solution for your needs and budgets.

Leadership Development:

  • Our work focuses on creating personalised leadership journeys and driving behavioural change to equip leaders with the capabilities required to execute the business strategy. Our end to end design of leadership development solutions allow us to create bespoke assessment and development journeys for front-line, mid-level, executive leaders, and targeted segments such as high potentials or early talent populations. 

Performance Management Design:

Career Frameworks and Competencies:

  • We build frameworks which align the internal organisation of jobs (job levels, career streams, job families etc.) to provide clarity to employees around role requirements and progression criteria (competencies, career paths, success profiles) and to help navigate potential career options. Our frameworks serve as a foundation for rewards programs, talent initiatives and HRIS data organisation. It is underpinned by our global competency library and expertise across job family, and our technology solutions to ensure a dynamic, clear and user friendly tool.

"With the right tools, identifying potential can be a science. Mercer partnered with us to identify and develop leaders with a growth mindset." – Raelee Hobson, Organisational Development, Oil Search Limited.

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