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As organisations grow, the effective management of people becomes increasingly important to drive success. Maintaining agility and speed of decision-making is key. In response to this need, Mercer has developed a range of solutions that can be used to bring structure, drive consistent decision making and address the most common reward challenges.

Workforce Rewards


How effectively are you rewarding performance? Do your incentive plans drive the right behaviors? Is your company’s performance management achieving the desired results? Can your company identify top performers? Mercer is a thought leader in performance management practices and trends as well as incentive plan design.


Delivered fairly and consistently

The desire for pay fairness continues to dominate global headlines as industry leaders, politicians and investors carry this agenda forward. Mercer’s global review process, supported by our Pay Equity Calculator™, helps you review pay equity across your global workforce. Our proprietary job evaluation methodology gives you an objective measure of job value, while our approach to career frameworks helps you establish job families and universal career levels that align with your pay programs to deliver pay equitably and consistently.

What We Do

Our Packaged Workforce Reward Consulting Solutions are built on Mercer’s HR consulting heritage, delivering best practice design combined with practical tools. Our solutions establish the foundations for more effective HR and reward management in those areas of highest focus, including grading and pay management, sales compensation, company cars, gender pay reporting and equal pay.

Our Approach

Each solution in our Packaged Workforce Reward Consulting Solutions portfolio delivers a package of pre-defined deliverables relevant to the reward policy area, using a set project methodology and approach. As a result we are able to deliver the solutions you require at a lower fixed cost, in comparison to a delivery through a fully customised consulting approach.

Our Packaged Workforce Reward Consulting Solutions are specifically tailored towards small to mid-sized organisations establishing common policy frameworks for the first time or larger organisations with small but expanding employee groups with specific policy needs (for example small sales teams or for emerging expat populations). If you require support in the context of a larger organisation, please contact us to discuss how we can support you using the form below.

Did You Know?
  • High growth organisations are four times more likely to have an integrated people strategy in place
  • 53% of high-growth organisations say HR is involved in kick-starting major change (compared to 39% of modest-growth organisations)
  • Slow decision-making, an inability to source required talent and inadequate diversity are cited as key concerns for high growth organisations
  • Delivery of simple and effective structures in core programme areas can support HR increase the speed of decision-making and enable focus on delivery of business priorities and the broader people strategy

Source: Mercer Talent Trends 2019

Please refer to our main Workforce and Careers page for an overview of our broader offerings or contact us using the form below to discuss your specific needs.  

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