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What Are The Main Issues That Organisations Are Facing?

To be competitive in the market you operate in, you need to be able to attract and retain the best talent. This means not only offering competitive salaries, but providing broader employee benefits to help enhance the overall employee value proposition so that it’s clear what the value of the total deal is on an individual level.

In addition, the current economic environment has many employees worrying about pay freezes, cuts in hours, and even redundancy. Understanding your Company’s total rewards and benefits package should not be complicated and confusing. The resulting anxiety makes this the perfect time to show your employees the true financial value of their total compensation with our Online Total Rewards solution.

What Is Online Total Rewards?

Online Total Rewards (OTR) is a web-based solution that helps you communicate to your employees exactly how you invest in each of them on an individual level, and goes beyond just showing base pay. OTR shows employees benefit data that is comprehensive and personalised. Displayed in an online statement format, your employees can access the tool anytime and anywhere and on mobile devices – not just in the work environment.

How Can Online Total Rewards Help You?

Organisations are becoming increasingly interested in OTR solutions for a number of reasons, many of these being:

  • It helps to increase engagement and retention of your workforce (more transparency)
  • It supports recruitment activity by demonstrating the total value It helps organisations to target certain messages to individuals or groups
  • It helps to demonstrate your commitment to your employees, both now and also into the future, and
  • It also helps to equip your managers to have meaningful and relevant conversations with their employees

One important point to note is that OTR is not a ‘one-size fits all’ product. Rather, it provides our clients with the flexibility to customise the tool by attaching additional information and data to add greater value to their own unique solution.

Why Choose Mercer?

Our team has a combined experience of more than 25 years delivering Online Total Rewards that:

  • Maximises employee engagement;
  • Drives desired employee behaviour; and
  • Delivers measurable performance improvements.
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