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Organisations are being fundamentally redefined by new business models and disruptive social and digital change. Such complexity requires a change in what we recognise as great leadership.

What We Do

At Mercer, we believe a new approach to developing leaders is required to be successful in this environment of disruption with continuous pressures for financial results.

Our work focuses on creating personalised leadership journeys and driving behavioural change to equip leaders at all levels with the capabilities required to execute the business strategy.

Mercer has over 15 years’ experience in leadership assessment and development, with over 100 professionals and 300 affiliates worldwide.

Our Approach

We begin by understanding the unique business context and sharing world-class practice from the fields of neuroscience, behaviour change and digital learning. This is followed by a design process to co-create a new leadership assessment and development solution that will deliver business outcomes and a personalised experience for each leader.

Did You Know?

55% of people who responded to our European Leadership Research were not satisfied with their leadership development – It is time for a new approach to developing leaders.

1/4 of employees globally believe that their organisation is doing enough to keep their skills relevant, and nearly a third say their employer is doing little or nothing - Employees are asking for better development.

81% of organisations do not measure the return on investment of leadership development interventions - Time to treat leadership investment more like business assets.

(Sources: Mercer Talent Trends 2016, Mercer Connecting Leadership to Value 2015)


Bespoke Leadership Design and Delivery

Our end to end design of leadership development solutions allow us to create bespoke assessment and development journeys for front-line, mid-level, executive leaders, and targeted segments such as high potentials or early talent populations. 

The business context and on-the-job work realities form the backbone of our leadership development solutions. Mercer’s leadership development journeys incorporate the latest insights from neuroscience, digital learning trends and leadership academia to create long term behavioural change.

Examples of leadership development designs include:

  • Business accelerators to build entrepreneurial skills
  • Digital communities for leaders to discuss personal leadership challenges
  • CEO rotation programs for top global talent

Our team of world-class affiliates, partners and project managers bring these experiences to life and allow us to deliver global programs in over 30 countries.

Assessment and Coaching

Mercer works with organisations that need to make strategic decisions about:

  • Organisational capability: Evaluating leadership capabilities against what the business needs to deliver
  • Mergers & acquisitions: Understanding people risk factors during an acquisition process, and/or supporting the selection process for internal roles post-acquisition
  • Leadership investment: Directing budgetary spend at the most needed leadership capability areas

To do this, Mercer uses blended assessment to identify potential, readiness and fit for leadership roles. We have proprietary leadership tools for assessment and development, including:

  • Mercer’s Engaging Leader assessment combines the best in Hogan personality assessment with engagement data to understand the impact leaders have on their teams.
  • For global organisations, Mercer’s Global Leadership Profile assesses the key attributes for global leaders, based on research from Jay Conger.

This is complemented with a broader suite of best in class psychometrics and virtual assessment solutions for evidenced based talent decision making. Leadership coaching is another important component of realising the benefits of assessment.  Mercer’s accredited coaches support the debrief of assessment data and long-term coaching relationships to accelerate personal development. 

Leadership Pipeline Consulting

Mercer works with clients who are looking to:

  • Align leadership strategy to a new business strategy
  • Set new expectations for leaders throughout the organisation
  • Refresh the leadership development portfolio

The work we do is based on a foundation of workforce data to understand current and future gaps within the leadership populations. Typically this includes: analysing the gap between current and future number of leaders required, required levels of performance and capabilities.

Our Leadership consultants also conduct in-depth interviews and run workshops to determine requirements and current gaps in leadership effectiveness.

This allows you to define what success looks like, and determine the most successful development journey for each leadership level. The real value of this approach is to prioritise your initiatives, inform investment decisions and ensure the best return on your leadership development budget.

Workforce and Careers Services and Products

Benchmarking Policies & Practices

Can you prove that your strategy for rewarding and managing expatriates is working? Are your policies fair compared to what your competitors are doing? Can you document what you need to get support from other decision-makers?
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Localized Compensation

Simplifies putting an employee on a host-based compensation program, gives you complete confidence in how the change will affect your employee and helps determine any transitional or ongoing supplemental payments.
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Cost Of Living

To encourage mobility and to manage your international assignment costs, you need precise information to calculate fair, consistent expatriate compensation packages.
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Cultural Training Solutions

Mercer offers several solutions to help your international assignees adjust to living and working in a new location through online services and mobile apps.
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Expatriate Housing

Mercer Mobilize Housing Solution is the most advanced expatriate housing tool for better-informed, more-defensible housing allowance decisions.
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Personal Income Tax Solution

Mercer’s new Personal Income Tax Solution makes your planning process easier by providing immediate access to all the information you need to successfully calculate the tax and social security portion of an international assignment package.
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Starting a Mobility Program

The Mercer Mobility Starter Kit will help you through the entire international assignment process, from setting global mobility policy guidelines to individualised cost projections to providing destination guides for your expatriates.
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Quality of Living and Hardship

Location Evaluation Reports: Factors such as climate, disease and sanitation standards, ease of communications and physical remoteness can often affect the success of a foreign assignment.
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Short-term Assignments

Short-term assignments provide companies with a valuable solution for the transfer of skills, know-how, and resources.
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