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Managing your potential risk exposure, understanding root causes and developing your long term strategy for a more diverse, thriving workforce

What We Do

As well as helping organisations to interpret analyse and understand the Gender Pay Gap regulations, we move beyond the Gender Pay Gap calculations to understand the causes of high Gender Pay Gaps, crucial for developing a strategy for tackling an organisation’s Gender Pay Gap long term.

Mercer is the only expert in Gender Pay Gap that deploys a multidisciplinary approach of reward, talent management, analytics, diversity and inclusion to take a 360 degree approach to reviewing the root causes of your Gender Pay Gap.

For a refresher on the regulations see the Reporting Guide.

Mercer’s Point of View

The Gender Pay Gap is only partly about pay, but largely about the workforce profile. Understanding the wider workforce dynamics and occupational segregation issue is integral to not just reducing the Gender Pay Gap but building a thriving organisation. Higher levels of diversity in organisations are associated with greater business performance and innovation.

Our Approach

Leveraging Mercer’s experience in the field, we can provide support in a number of ways.  Our experienced consultants in rewards, analytics, talent management and diversity can support you – from new strategy formulation, programme design and manager training to implementation, communication and change support. This holistic approach will support a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Did You Know?



We build a business case and roadmap for D&I intervention, engaging employees fully to understand their D&I experience and aspiration and gain leadership buy in.


We support through our tried and tested gender pay and equal pay work, as well as supporting you through an examination and recommendations on the financial wellness and pensions side.

Policy, Programmes, Profile

Our audits and recommendations span policy review, from benefits to performance management and mobility, as well as wider employee value proposition.

Workforce Analytics

We work with you to understand the current state and shape of your workforce and how this maps to the external market to help set the change agenda.

Health and Wellbeing

Imperative to a diverse thriving workforce, Mercer’s Health and Wellbeing Dashboard will help identify the status of your workforce and suggest solutions for change, including engagement and awareness.

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