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Designing, delivering, and evolving a best-in-class employee experience requires organisations to create an agile listening process. A process that enables HR to understand employee perceptions; capture qualitative and quantitative feedback and, test employee preferences. Together with our clients, we build employee listening strategies and provide tools and technologies that help capture insight on how employees experience the moments that matter for them at work.


Techniques such as Digital focus groups enable us to understand employee sentiment about topics such as Wellbeing, D&I and Sustainability in a swift, cost-effective manner. Technologies such as Conjoint Analysis create a data based view of employee preferences on Reward and Benefit elements, enabling cost modelling and EVP redesign. Pulse surveys provide a robust, scalable and benchmarked view of employee opinions on contemporary organisational issues and actions plans. The combination of these and other methods brings the rigour of consumer research into the HR domain. The resulting data gives you and senior management assurance about the quality of People management, plus insight about what is working and where change is needed, through the eyes of the ‘consumer’: the employee. Discover what employees value the most out of your employment value proposition; create the right experience and, retain the talent you need to thrive.



Nick Starritt

Nick Starritt

Segment Leader, EX

Nick advises organisations on how to evolve their employee experience strategy, technology and capabilities. His focus is on helping clients identify drivers of employee engagement that will unlock business performance.

Dunia Pavlovic

Dunia Pavlovic

Strategic Advisor, EX

Dunia works with international clients across a range of industries to design and evolve their employee listening programmes in alignment with their business and people priorities, to drive organisational effectiveness, performance, and engagement.

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