Employee communications are the lifeblood of any business


People are social creatures. We need to talk to one other. We exchange ideas. And we discuss and debate our views, to form opinions and make decisions about the things that affect us. And nothing is more true than how this plays out in the work environment. After all, the one constant in work nowadays is change; and organisations of all shapes and sizes are going through some form of change – whether large or small – and will continue to do so in the future. This could be a pension change or member engagement initiative; a reward harmonisation or culture programme following an M&A; or a skills transformation needed to futureproof an organisation.


So whether you’re a 100 or a 100,000 person company going through change, engaging your employees through clear communication will help make a positive difference – to them and to the success of your business.


We are a group of strategists, creatives, digital experience experts and technology masterminds who can help you simplify complicated messages to your workforce, delivering them in a way that attracts attention, fosters understanding and engagement, and drives action. Our expertise covers change relating to the health, wealth and careers of the single most important aspect of our clients’ business – their people.


We use the many years of global experience between us to develop the most appropriate mix of solutions. We don’t make assumptions, nor do we follow the norm. We research, gathering data and insight. Because only by truly understanding our clients’ workforce – their needs, fears and aspirations, as well as their actions and ‘inactions’ – can we create a narrative and messaging that connects them with the business strategy, delivered through high‐quality tactics that treat them as if they were consumers.


After all, we need to remember we’re dealing with real people. People like you and me.



Jim Christopher

Jim Christopher

Communications Practice Leader & Head of Digital Communications

With over 20 years experience Jim partners with clients to develop and deliver strategic communication plans leveraging both data and digital solutions to deliver compelling employee experiences.

Tricia Maskell

Tricia Maskell, Chart.PR MCIPR

Principal, Head of Change Communications

Tricia is an award-winning communicator with 25 years’ experience in strategic communications covering external and internal practices, across a wide range of industries. She specialises in employee change communications.

Sarah Greenaway

Sarah Greenaway, FIA

Principal, Head of Wealth Communications

Sarah is a pensions expert of nearly 20 years. She works with corporates and trustee groups to deliver member experiences which are at the heart of Mercer’s pensions strategy projects, particularly where benefit changes are complex.

Donal Murray

Donal Murray

Principal, Creative Director

Donal is a highly experienced, award-winning creative with a successful track record building and developing some of the world’s biggest brands. He applies his experience in consumer advertising to employee change, ensuring communications are engaging and cut through the noise.

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