Engaging with your people

Employee communications are the lifeblood of any business. People need to talk to one other, exchange ideas and personal views about a variety of things to form opinions and make decisions about, often, changing topics. So whether you’re in a 100-person company or a 100,000, communicating clearly to employees makes a difference. We are a group of strategists, creatives, digital experience experts, and technology masterminds who can help you communicate complicated messages to your workforce.

What we do

We live fast, hectic lives. So we need to make sure important messages cut through the noise and that they are heard. Our communications aim to make a positive impact on people’s lives. So we use the many years of experience between us to develop the best solutions – but we don’t make assumptions, nor do we follow the norm. We research, gather data and use our global experience to treat our clients’ workforce as consumers. Only by understanding consumer behaviour and the impact of clear information, can we tell the story, develop the key messages and identify the right channels and media.

After all, we are dealing with real people. People like you and me.

Our Approach

We have developed our approach in conjunction with some of the world’s leading experts on communication and behaviour change. This allows us to facilitate immediate action but with the aim of achieving long term changes, rather than short term fixes.

By using best practice around engagement, we deliver personalised and inspiring communications strategies for our clients, leveraging a consumer-first, digital mindset. And taking a personal approach, we make those messages easy to understand and demonstrate how decisions apply to them. We want to bridge the gap between knowledge, intent and action.

And if it’s not measurable, it doesn’t happen. A cliché perhaps but one we believe holds true. Whether it’s using website analytics, employee surveys, or focus groups, we build in mechanisms to measure the success of the communications.



Online or offline, employees talk all the time

The channels for communication are many — email, mobile, blogs, websites, apps, social media platforms, right through to good old fashion leaflets and letters. While this means more opportunities to communicate, it’s also more potential for the wrong messages to “go viral”.

So it’s important to understand the proposition we put to employees. We want to ensure brand messages to your workforce are tailored, consistent and recognisable. We want to capture attention and drive action – just like any branding exercise. And it is much more than the creative design, it’s about connecting the company vision with the employee value proposition. At Mercer, we would craft a compelling common theme – the framework for all communications and messaging.

How we can help

Our employee communication experts can help you speak directly to your employees in the language they understand. Our solutions include:

  • Change communications to ease big transitions
  • Employee value propositions to keep your people motivated
  • Employee communications to send the right message at the right time
  • Communication online tools like Mercer Belong that put information in employees’ hands
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