Stand out on diversity, equity and inclusion

In the UK, two of the most important factors for ensuring an employee can flourish in an organisation are a feeling of being valued for their contributions and a sense of belonging. Our mission is to help organisations attract, promote and retain diverse talent by building and supporting equitable and inclusive workforces through a holistic focus on careers, health and financial well-being. We believe that when people thrive, businesses and societies thrive.

Accelerate your diversity, equity and inclusion strategy

Mercer can support you with developing a roadmap to deliver a holistic DEI strategy through opportunity, experience, pay and health and financial wellbeing interventions and outcomes.


Getting started:

1 Pay gap support: Mercer provides pay gap legislation support, pay programme audits and for a truly rigorous, efficient, global pay remediation approach – pay equity.
2 Internal labour market maps and workforce projections: Assess the differences in hiring, promotion and turnover between different demographic groups within your organisation and use workforce projections to estimate the composition of your future workforce.
3 Employee listening and virtual focus groups: Mercer provides virtual focus group technology that enables a live, anonymous, virtual “collective conversation” with hundreds of colleagues globally.
4 Policy and practices benchmarks and audit: Measure how your organisation’s policies and practices compare with global, regional and industry survey results to identify key areas of DEI strategic opportunity.

Driving change:

1 Inclusive culture framework: We typically look at three key areas when examining culture: behavioural patterns, work environment culture and cultural sentiment. A holistic multi-year DEI strategy enables cultural change that goes beyond policy or programmatic changes to support equality of opportunity and treatment across the board.
2 Bias-free talent management practices and policies: Mercer can benchmark and redesign your HR policies and people practices to ensure your organisation can reduce bias and attract and retain top talent.
3 Global inclusive leadership training: We truly believe that success in any form of inclusion training relies on “true to life” experiences and provide the context required to enable meaningful shifts in mind-set and behaviour. A leadership development journey co-created with collaboration between Mercer and your organisation will empower your leaders when it comes to DEI.

Measuring success:

1 DEI metrics and dashboards: DEI dashboards can help leaders to identify specific data-driven and impactful actions to drive change, and enable them to track progress on the organisation’s DEI aspirations. Mercer can help you establish the DEI data and metrics to focus on.
2 Linking executive rewards to DEI goals: Hold leadership accountable by measuring your company’s DEI strategy through data-oriented goals and results, and reward leaders when the strategy is achieved.
3 Holistic internal and external communication strategy and implementation: Together, we develop thoughtful and systematic engagement apprising employees of your organisation’s DEI journey. Having a transparent and relatable change management approach helps leaders develop communication strategies and invest resources accordingly.

Integrate DEI throughout your employee value proposition

Attracting and retaining top talent remains difficult for many organisations. After a turbulent period, now more than ever, organisations must put the employee at the centre of everything they do. There must be a clear value proposition for employees, and future talent, to answer “Why us?”, and to feel they belong and can thrive at work. Thriving employees work in an inclusive, flexible work environment with a strong sense of purpose and valued learning opportunities. An inclusive culture must be flexible and tailored to the employee’s diverse needs, resonating at every stage in the employee experience.


We can support you to co-create a holistic, data driven DEI strategy that fully aligns to your wider employee value proposition.

Create staying power through a unique proposition with purpose

Create a differentiated experience.

Provide a competitive compensation and benefits offering with true flexibility.

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Our experts

Michelle Sequeira

Michelle Sequeira

Senior Principal Consultant and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader, UK & Europe

Michelle works with organisations globally as a senior DEI strategist to advance their DEI outcomes and achieve a talent advantage through people, evidenced-based approaches and the support of a broad range of ongoing implementation and change management activities.

Lucy Brown

Lucy Brown

Senior DEI Consultant and Global Pride Co-Chair

Lucy helps to accelerate an organisation’s DEI strategy, and in particular, has expertise in designing inclusive practices for neuro-divergent employees, LGBT+ employees and employees experiencing menopause or menopause-like symptoms.

Lucy Iremonger

Lucy Iremonger

Senior DEI and Reward Consultant

Lucy has extensive experience providing organisations with solutions to their Reward and DEI challenges, in particular across parental leave and inclusive leadership. Lucy also leads our UK Gender Pay Gap approach.

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