Developing strategies, policies and practices based on data to build your diverse workforce and ensure all employees can thrive.

What We Do

At Mercer, we believe there is an urgent need for leaders and organisations to build diverse and inclusive workforces for the future as an effective solution to the growing challenges of disruption and talent shortages.

We help organisations to understand their specific workforce needs and to put in place specific, targeted people strategies. These strategies are underpinned by analytics and supported by timely, tangible actions to create talent pools fit for the future.

Mercer deploys a multidisciplinary approach to diversity and inclusion with experts in talent management, analytics, reward, health and diversity and inclusion of course, to create a holistic, long-term and integrated solution.

Strategic Workforce Planning Benefits

62% of organizations rate themselves as ineffective at workforce planning.

Do you really understand your people—who they are, how they’re performing and where you’re losing them? You need the best plan for your workforce that combines human capital data, exclusive research and expert consulting.

Using workforce analysis will ensure that every dollar counts and every desk (virtual or otherwise) is occupied by someone contributing to your success.

Did You Know?
  • Only 58% of organisations globally believe their senior executives are engaged with diversity and inclusion initiatives, and more surprisingly, only 39% of organisations globally report that their middle managers are engaged in the topic - Managers need to recognise their impact on the future shape and health of the talent pipeline.

  • Less than 10% of organisations offer retirement, savings and education programmes that are customised to allow for differences in financial wellbeing due to the working styles, such as pace and focus, of men and women, except in the limited cases required by law – it is time for a new approach.

Our Approach

We begin by understanding the unique business context and sharing world-class practice from the fields of HR, psychology, behaviour change and research. Leveraging Mercer’s experience in the field, our experienced consultants in analytics, talent management, rewards, health and diversity can support you in a number of ways – from business case creation and leadership engagement to workforce analytics, future strategy formulation, programme design, and implementation support such as capability development, communications and change support.  



  1. Align – Leading organisations know that diversity and inclusion is integral to operational success. It is closely linked with their overall people strategy: attracting needed skills, retaining top talent, managing the future of work, aligning to changing customer needs and keeping pace with innovation and change. The ROI needs to be universally understood and the business must be deeply committed to the journey. Mercer supports you with the business imperative, future focused people strategy and employee value proposition to ensure diversity and inclusion is embedded into the DNA of your organisation. Read more on strategic workforce planning here and employee value proposition here.

  2. Assess – Mercer uses analytics to look holistically at the employee experience through the following lenses:



"With the right tools, identifying potential can be a science. Mercer partnered with us to identify and develop leaders with a growth mindset." Raelee Hobson, Organisational Development, Oil Search Limited.

  • Engagement – Drivers of engagement, and personas to understand what different groupings of employees value.

  • Reward – Pay equity and pay drivers analysis to understand what are the legitimate drivers of pay, as well as financial wellness.

  • Policy, Programmes, Profile – our audits and recommendations span policy reviews, from benefits to performance management and mobility, as well as wider employee value propositions and adaptive working.

  • Workforce Profile - We work with you to understand the current state and shape of your workforce and how this maps to the external market, success profiles and why people leave to help set the change agenda.

  • Health and Wellbeing – imperative to a diverse thriving workforce, Mercer’s Health and Wellbeing Dashboard will help identify the status of your workforce and suggest solutions for change, including engagement and awareness.

  1. Engage - The proof must be coupled with courageous leadership for optimal impact. After all, the purpose of analytics in not simply to study a problem but to solve it – and this requires leaders at all levels of the organisation ready and willing to act. This is the much bigger challenge for many organisations, because although analytical work can be accelerated with the right resources, the passion of your people can’t. 

  2. Take action - This involves a holistic, well designed talent strategy that removes career chokepoints, flexibility that allows ‘work to work’ for all, ensures unbiased performance management and measures to combat unconscious bias.  This includes diligent pay-equity processes and a broadening view of the competencies and experiences required for different roles, capability development, and programs that acknowledge and support unique personal, health and financial needs of different groups. 

  3. Measure/Refine – Ongoing measurement and review of the implementation of programs is required to ensure that the change is sustainable. The risk is that short-term achievement of diversity goals can mask lack of real progress regarding inclusion; therefore a holistic review of progress is needed.

Next Steps
  • Speak with a Consultant – Fill in the form below to speak to one of our consultants about our diversity and inclusion solutions.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Peer Executive Networks – Mercer offers four diversity and inclusion peer executive networks, two of which hold meetings in Europe. These confidential forums bring together leading organisations to address the broad diversity and inclusion agenda – including all diversity dimensions. The Mercer facilitated network meetings and services provide: peer sharing; collective problem solving; best practices; benchmarking; and thought leadership in diversity and inclusion. Mercer subject matter experts and industry and academic leaders provide the latest research and insights to support diversity and inclusion; HR and Talent specialists. More information on Mercer’s Diversity and Inclusion Networks can be found here.

  • When Women Thrive - Our When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive report is the world’s most comprehensive research on women in the workplace, designed to uncover the critical drivers of a successful gender diversity strategy. Through benchmarking, we help organisations globally drive business performance by increasing the representation and advancement of women through a holistic focus on their careers, health, and financial wellbeing. Download the Executive Summary; Participate in the When Women Thrive survey.

  • Keeping Informed – Mercer Select Intelligence offers organisations online access to Mercer’s latest D&I research, insights and data including:
    • Specialised Global Diversity & Inclusion research articles and information
    • Quarterly Global Diversity & Inclusion legislative updates
    • Data and policy publications such as: Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines, LGBT Benefits Around the World, Parental Leave Policies, Vacation and Other Leave Policies


1 (Herring, C., 2009. Does diversity pay?: Race, gender, and the business case for diversity. American Sociological Review, 74(2), pp.208-224; Oelz, M. and Rani, U., 2015. Domestic work, wages, and gender equality: lessons from developing countries. ILO; Deloitte 2013).

Mercer's Point of View

The World Economic Forum continues to predict huge talent shortages in the near future, as well as deterioration in women’s economic standing over the past few years (WEF 2015, 2016). Minority groups still find themselves underrepresented and often undervalued (Mercer When Women Thrive research), whilst contradictorily, higher levels of diversity have been shown to relate to greater business performance and innovation1 .

Rapid advancement in new technologies is causing change to reverberate throughout the world of work. Combined with an aging workforce and shifts in labour supply and skills availability, it has never been more important or challenging to stay ahead of the disruption. The evidence is clear; there is an urgent need for leaders and organisations to create a shared vision, building diverse and inclusive workforces for the future. With recent attention given the issue of gender parity in the UK we need to seize this opportunity, or risk watching the efforts we have made with diversity and inclusion go to waste.

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