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UK Stewardship Code


"Effective stewardship is critical in supporting sustainable economic growth. Mercer is proud to become a signatory to the 2020 UK Stewardship Code and to play our part in strengthening stewardship practices across the investment chain. We will continue to support our asset owner clients in raising stewardship standards and to embed further strong stewardship expectations across both our manager research and our investment solutions."


Stewardship code


Who we are


The future is arriving fast for sustainable investment. After years of slow progress, suddenly regulatory pressure in the UK is putting environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration and responsible stewardship at the heart of investment portfolios.


Law scale    As an asset owner how should you react? How can you comply with new regulations, manage reputational risks, or access opportunities to improve returns?


At Mercer, we have been thoughtfully debating these questions and engineering solutions for over 15 years. We can truthfully claim to have been one of the drivers of the emerging ESG debate, even when this was a lonely place to be.


Today, that means we have knowledge, unrivalled research and foresight. We use this to help our clients to define and implement their approaches to sustainable investment, as the integration of ESG factors plays a catalytic role in shaping a more sustainable world.

How we help


As sustainable investment is quickly moving up the agenda, asset owners are having to change their approaches – for some this means a radical change, for others refinement.


At a time when the regulators are clear that they do not want a cookie cutter approach, our vast experience in ESG makes us ideally placed to help define and develop tailored programmes based on our clients’ beliefs.


We work with organisations of all sizes, from those that are acknowledged experts right through to those who are starting their journeys and we take our clients through a step-by-step pathway from formulating beliefs and policies, designing processes and then helping to implement them in portfolios. It’s a journey tailored to their specific goals.




To learn more, please see our ABC of ESG paper that provides further detail on the four key ESG approaches, summarised below:





Did you know?


The UK government had announced in 2020 that it will introduce its first green bond this year. Here’s a quick video with Lucy Tusa, where she will be answering your key questions.

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