Mercer | Personalised Pension Videos

Mercer | Personalised Pension Videos

Helping to solve the pension engagement problem

Combining behavioural science research and technology could increase your engagement levels and ensure employees value their benefits.


Engagement with and understanding the value of pensions remains very low. The way in which people now interact and react to messages is vastly different compared to a decade ago, so why should pension communication be any different? Each one of us receives over 2000 information messages a day, how do you make yours stand out from the noise?

See how personalised videos can create positive behaviour change in your people.  Our demo video is a talking annual statement for "John", an employee at "Company Plc", designed to encourage him to increase his contributions. All personal data points can be personalised for your employees.

Science + Digital = pension engagement

Mercer have teamed up with DIGITAITM founded by Professor Shlomo Benartzi, Behavioural Economist to combine science and digital innovation to enable the personalisation of pension communication. The challenge of improving financial decisions is rooted in three distinct factors: engagement, education, and empowerment. Our white paper, created in collaboration with DIGITAITM and Professor Shlomo Benartzi, analyses these factors and discusses how two behavioural insights — personalisation and timing — can dramatically improve the impact of financial communication.

The volume of data available to us presents a huge opportunity to personalise many forms of pension and other benefit communications. The principles discussed in this white paper can be applied across a variety of technology platforms and communication channels.

Why do I need this?

Are you trying to improve employee engagement and ensure employees value for your DC schemes? If so, this is the tool to help you achieve this by encouraging your people to increase their annual savings rate.

The use of these targeted, personalised tech-based communications by our clients in the UK has resulted in:

  • 65% of individuals who viewed their personalised video
  • Of this, 45% clicked to take action after watching their video
  • We have seen
    • 75% are accessing the videos on a desktop
    • 25% on a mobile
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