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Bringing together the buyers and sellers of bulk annuities

In this short video, find out how the award-winning Mercer Pension Risk Exchange® helps pension schemes on their de-risking journey.

Introducing Mercer Pension Risk Exchange

Buying a bulk annuity for your defined benefit pension plan can be a challenge.

You might not have done this before so perhaps you don’t really know how the process works. You’re probably unsure what a good deal for your plan really looks like, especially as your circumstances and your goals are unique to you.

It’s also hard to tell which insurers are genuinely interested in your business. In other words, where you should focus your attention.

As for the price, that changes every day and might go up when the value of your plan’s assets goes down, for example.

In short, you probably lack accurate and timely information on things such as insurer interest, pricing and terms.

All of this means that, when it comes to buying a bulk annuity, you might not know exactly when to act and you risk ending up with a less than perfect deal because the information you’ve got is out of date and not direct from the insurers.

Clarity for bulk annuities transactions

Mercer Pension Risk Exchange® solves these problems for you.

It sources pricing and terms directly from insurers and these are real prices based on transaction-quality disclosures. It’s a world away from adviser-produced desktop estimates.

The information is robust and you can see how the position is developing because insurers provide their pricing every month.

Once you reach a trigger point that you set, you can move straight into negotiation and execution because insurers are already pricing based on your transaction-quality disclosures.

In short, Mercer Pension Risk Exchange® empowers you to act decisively, optimising the outcome of your strategy to manage pension risk.

An award-winning solution

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