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Our experience has shown there are four core benefits for choosing a Mercer Master Trust:

  1. Manage cost and uncertainty. Are you ready for the next big change (such as auto-enrolment or Freedom and Choice) when it happens?
  2. Reducing the time required for administration. Senior management and HR teams are often burdened with the demands of running a pension plan — when they should be focused on strategy and policy.
  3. Reducing risk as a result of legislative and regulatory changes, taking steps to avoid potential reputational damage from poor member outcomes.
  4. Improve return on investment from increased pensions spend.  Engagement among members, appreciation of pensions benefit and understanding of broader benefits are low. Change your members’ perception of their benefits to ensure you are maximising your ROI.

How a Mercer Master Trust Can Benefit You

Our Master Trust helps you overcome pension provision challenges by:

Avoiding compliance responsibility for you
Large employers are mitigating risk by moving legislative compliance responsibility, demands and complexities to a Mercer Master Trust. Mercer delivers Pensions Freedom and Choice changes within five months at no cost to our clients by utilising our scale and experience and the structure supporting our Mercer Master Trust. Comparable projects typically take nine to 12 months and cost multiple thousands of pounds.

Saving you costs while maintaining high quality
A commitment to continuous improvement is at the core of the Mercer Master Trust: Investment changes in the Mercer Master Trust are made automatically to save you investment consulting costs and to ensure your members are not left stranded with under-performing funds.

Focusing your teams on business improvement, not on service delivery
Relentless regulatory change and the complexity it brings force HR teams to focus on operations and delivery, rather than on strategy. By outsourcing pensions to a trustee who is legally accountable to act in your members’ best interests, you reduce management time while protecting the financial outcomes of your employees.

Achieving better outcomes
Moving to the Mercer Master Trust is more than a cost saving exercise. Our integrated communication strategy — based on in-depth research with leading behavioural scientists — includes best-in-class digital and face-to-face communications.

Find out more about our personalised pension videos that put this theory into practice.

Why else should you choose a Mercer Master Trust?

Offering simplified guidance as well as full-service retirement planning and advice, the Mercer Master Trust delivers annuity broking and integrated drawdown with institutional pricing through retirement.

The Mercer Master Trust also provides short-term savings options such as ISAs on the same platform, giving you the assurance of future-proofing and allowing you to offer short and long-term savings in the same package.

Increasing Return on Investment (ROI)

Our aim is not just to remove cost and risk from your business: The Mercer Master Trust is also designed to ensure your people will value the benefits you provide. With our Master Trust, you don’t just gain an ROI by reducing cost — your return on your investment increases too.


You can also have confidence in knowing that the Mercer Master Trust was awarded Master Trust Offering of the Year at the 2016 European Pensions Awards and winner of 'Mastertrust' at Pensions Insight's DC Awards 2017.

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