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As a leading global provider of multi-employer retirement savings solutions, we’re proud to work with over 300 leading organisations worldwide.

You can rest assured that with Mercer’s support, strength and proven performance you and your employees can build the future together with confidence.

  • A retirement plan in safe, expert hands with over 70 years’ experience
  • A complete, holistic DC solution - fully outsourced
  • Proven investment performance with proven results for employees
  • Helping inspire action for a more personal and rewarding journey into retirement
Choosing A Master Trust

Ten Questions You Should Ask When Considering a Master Trust

Choosing a Master Trust that is right for you and your DC scheme members in the long run is a complex decision spanning many considerations.

The checklist below captures some of the questions you should consider and may be helpful when exploring which Master Trust to choose:

  1. How established and sustainable is the provider and how much is committed to future proofing?
  2. How well does the Master Trust integrate into your wider financial wellness and workplace savings programme and is there a ‘connected’ journey for your employees as they move between different portals and platforms?
  3. Is behavioural science embedded in the member journey and how personalised to members is the communication?
  4. How independent are the trustees and what powers do they have to make changes if things go wrong?
  5. Can you see evidence of a strong and independent governance framework, with the ability to monitor & report against your requirements?
  6. How much of the member charge should be directed towards administration and member engagement and how much on investment?
  7. How do the trustees optimise return and manage investment risk for members through the savings, transition and post retirement phases?
  8. Is the Mastertrust tied to a single fund manager and what control do you have over the investments offered?
  9. Is the administration robust and able to cope with the expected future demand? How easy is it to move the administration if service levels become unacceptable?
  10. How strong is the implementation programme management and transition support? 
Core Benefits

Our Experience

Our experience has shown there are four core benefits for choosing a Mercer Master Trust:

  • Manage cost and uncertainty. Be ready for the next big change (such as auto-enrolment or Freedom and Choice) when it happens.
  • Reducing the time required for administration. Senior management and HR teams are often burdened with the demands of running a pension plan — when they should be focused on strategy and policy.
  • Reducing risk as a result of legislative and regulatory changes, taking steps to avoid potential reputational damage from poor member outcomes.
  • Improve return on investment from increased pensions spend. Engagement among members, appreciation of pensions benefit and understanding of broader benefits are low. Change your members’ perception of their benefits to ensure you are maximising your ROI.
More Information

View our web page Master Trust - In More Detail for more information.

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