For too long, the focus in Defined Contribution, or “DC”, plans has been on the contributions being paid in and not on the member outcomes.


DC is about member outcomes. Do you know if your employees’ retirement savings will allow them to retire when they want with the income they need? 


How does your DC scheme measure-up against the PLSA’s Retirement Living Standards and how might you improve the position? 

What is RRI?

Mercer’s RRI produces an objective evaluation of your members’ retirement benefits. It provides you with an insight of your plan across four core areas; its design, the take up rate, the investments offered and when and how your members access their retirement benefits. Importantly, we look at different categories of your employees, to test for differences across factors including location, age and gender. 


We then recommend a series of interventions to help you improve your members’ outcomes and then monitor the results so you can see the impact of your interventions. 


Next steps


If you want to know how well you are measuring up against the PLSA’s Retirement Living Standards and your peers, please complete the form below.


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Mick Howard

Mick Howard

Pension Consultant with a focus on achieving good member outcomes

Mick advises on all aspects of UK pension provision, with a particular focus on the design and running of efficient and effective pension plans.

Niall Alexander

Niall Alexander

Principal and DC investment consultant

Niall's passion lies in working with defined contribution pension schemes to improve member outcomes, making peoples’ lives more secure financially.

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