A market leading master trust that maximises member understanding through a range of educational and modelling tools and high quality appropriate investment funds to help members make well informed decisions about saving



Mercer can help you build up your pension savings to secure the lifestyle in retirement that you deserve.


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    What is a Master Trust?


    A Master Trust is a workplace pension scheme that looks after the retirement savings of employees from multiple employers.


    Master Trusts are looked after by professional trustees and operate within strict regulations to ensure their members’ savings are protected and managed to the highest standard. The Mercer Master Trust is one of only 37 authorised Master Trusts in the UK.


    Pooling multiple pension arrangements together can deliver cost savings to you, whilst also providing market leading tools to support your financial wellbeing in retirement. 



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    Who are Mercer?


    Mercer is a large global consultancy firm, employing over 25,000 colleagues in over 40 countries.


    At Mercer we have over 25 years’ experience of running Master Trusts around the world. We’ve been doing it for six years in the UK.


    Our primary role is to ensure the pension savings of our Master Trust members are well looked after. 

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    Have you seen Mercer Money?


    If you’re a member of the Mercer Master Trust, you can view and manage your retirement savings via our Mercer Money website and app.


    Mercer Money can help you see the big picture by letting you securely connect all your financial accounts to create an overview of all your finances in real time, across all devices.


    Find out more about this powerful app here.

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    Learn about your investment options


    When it comes to investing their retirement savings, some people prefer to have the work done for them and others like to take control and set their own strategy. The investment choices we offer are designed to cater for all members, regardless of where they sit on this spectrum. All of our members benefit from access to Mercer’s proven investment expertise.


    If you don’t want to choose your investments


    If you don’t select an investment option in the Mercer Master Trust, your retirement savings will be invested in the Mercer SmartPathTM.


    This is designed to build your retirement savings throughout your working life and then gradually reduce your exposure to risk as you approach retirement.


    As the date you are due to start taking your retirement savings nears, your savings will be switched to a fund that reflects:

    • The way you intend to take your retirement savings; and
    • When you will start to take them.


    Setting your own investment strategy


    If you prefer to choose your own investments, the Mercer Master Trust has you covered. We have a broad fund range which is monitored and regularly updated to reflect Mercer’s best investment ideas.


    This includes a choice of funds to suit all attitudes to risk and funds that invest in all the main types of investment assets. 



    • Multi-asset risk-profiled funds

      ·         Mercer Defensive Fund

      ·         Mercer Moderate Growth Fund

      ·         Mercer Growth Fund

      ·         Mercer High Growth Fund

    • Active funds

      ·         Mercer Active UK Equity Fund

      ·         Mercer Active Global Equity Fund

      ·         Mercer Active Global Low Volatility Equity Fund

      ·         Mercer Active Global Small Cap Equity Fund

      ·         Mercer Sustainable Global Equity Fund

      ·         Mercer Active Emerging Markets Equity Fund

      ·         Mercer Active Emerging Markets Debt Fund

      ·         Mercer Active UK Property Fund

      ·         Mercer Absolute Return Fixed Income Fund

      ·         Mercer Global Listed Infrastructure Equity Fund

      ·         Mercer Cash / Mercer Active Money Market Fund

    • Passive funds

      ·         Mercer Diversified Growth Fund

      ·         Mercer Passive Global Equity Fund

      ·         Mercer Passive UK Equity Fund

      ·         Mercer Passive Overseas Equity Fund

      ·         Mercer Passive Emerging Markets Equity Fund

      ·         Mercer Shariah Fund

      ·         Mercer Passive Over 5 Year Index-Linked Gilt Fund

      ·         Mercer Passive Over 15 Year Gilt Fund

      ·         Mercer Passive UK Corporate Bond Fund

      ·         Mercer Passive Sustainable Global Equity Fund

      ·         Mercer Pre-Retirement Fund

      ·         Mercer Inflation-Linked Pre-Retirement Fund

      ·         Mercer Diversified Retirement Fund

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    Investing Responsibly


    Your retirement savings are invested for a long time and could become one of the most valuable ‘pots’ of money you have. We recognise that many of our members care about the wider impact their investments have, which is why the Mercer Master Trust only uses funds that are invested responsibly.


    Responsible investment is ensuring that environmental, social & corporate governance (“ESG”) factors (both risks and opportunities) are taken into consideration when making investment decisions. It is also about engaging with the companies in which we invest your savings.


     Net-Zero Commitment


    Consistent with our sustainable investment approach we have committed to a target of net-zero absolute carbon emissions by 20501. for our multi-asset funds and plan to reduce portfolio relative carbon emissions by at least 45% from 2019 baseline levels by 20302. This includes the Mercer Growth fund used within our default investment option.

    1. Defined as absolute carbon emissions, per $M of assets under management and Scope 1&2 emissions.

    2. Per dollar of assets under management. While the funds continue to maintain an investment objective of seeking long-term growth of capital and income, they also promote environmental characteristics though progressive decarbonisation with a view to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

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    What you need to know about pension scams


    If you’ve been approached by someone offering to ‘unlock’ your retirement savings before you reach age 55, or promising guaranteed high investment returns if you transfer your pension pot, you’ve probably been contacted by a scammer.


    These scams are widespread and have left thousands of Britons out of pocket in their retirement. In 2017 alone, Action Fraud reported hearing from 253 people who, between them, had lost £23m to pension scammers. That’s an average loss of £91,000 per victim.


    If you’ve been tempted by an offer to transfer your pension savings it’s essential you check it’s legitimate. Once you’ve handed over your savings it’ll probably be too late to act.


    The Financial Conduct Authority website fca.org.uk/scamsmart explains how pension scams work, how to avoid them and what to do if you suspect you’re being targeted by a scammer. It also provides a warning list of firms known to be running scams or operating without authorisation.


    If you’ve applied to transfer your pension savings elsewhere, but are having doubts about the legitimacy of the transaction, contact your plan administrator to see if they’re able to stop the transfer before it takes place.


    Five tell-tale signs of a pension scam

    1. You’ve received a cold call or another unsolicited message about releasing your pension savings.
    2. You’ve been told you must act quickly because the offer’s only available for a limited period.
    3. You’ve been promised returns that seem too good to be true.
    4. You’ve been approached by someone claiming to be from Pension Wise, the Money and Pensions Service, or another legitimate sounding organisation.
    5. The contact details for the organisation the person claims to be from are mobile numbers or a PO Box postal address.


    Protect yourself


    You should consult an authorised financial adviser before making any irreversible decisions like transferring your pension pot.


    This information is based on our current understanding of legislation, taxation and HMRC practice which may change in the future. It is for information only and is not personal financial advice. If you require financial advice you should seek this from an authorised financial adviser. The value of investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invest.





Meet the Mercer Master Trust Trustees



Contact details 


If you are a member of the Mercer Master Trust you can log in to view your retirement savings using the details provided to you on any documentation we have sent to you. If you are in doubt, contact the HR department at your employer.

Important notice:

This information is based on our current understanding of legislation, taxation and HMRC practice which may change in the future. It is for information only and is not personal financial advice. If you require financial advice you should seek this from an authorised financial adviser. The value of investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invest.