Mercer SmartPath helps your members achieve an adequate retirement income that is aligned to their lifestyle and needs by:


  • Managing the complexity inherent with the increase in choice post-April 2015.
  • Providing flexibility for you to adapt the framework to match the profile of your members.
  • Enabling employees to target their preferred outcome as they approach retirement.

How it works

Mercer SmartPath provides controlled choice while delivering appropriate investment strategies for each of the three at-retirement options — cash, drawdown or an annuity:


  • The scheme decides which destination is most appropriate for their members and this is selected as the default.
  • Members are invested in a growth fund dynamically managed by Mercer which aims for long-term capital growth.
  • Employees then select their desired outcome as they approach retirement and are better equipped to make this choice.

Benefits for you and your employees

Corporates benefit from Mercer’s pedigree in manager research and selection, investment strategy and portfolio construction – all monitored and refined according to Mercer’s best ideas for DC now, and in the future.


Members benefit from the improved outcomes this delivers and from an investment strategy that specifically addresses their preferred style of retirement income.


Mercer SmartPath is a pre-built solution available on a delegated or advisory basis.

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