Mercer Money is a financial education and wellness portal that not only provides personalised education and nudges to engage your employees in topics that are relevant to their individual circumstances but also provides practical tools to help them act on this new knowledge. 


Using the latest open banking technology, Mercer Money learns from the financial transactional data to become even more relevant to the individual, offering tools to better manage their money.

Differentiating capabilities

Other financial education platforms may raise financial awareness, but they will leave your people to follow-up separately and find providers and tools on their own. With this fragmented approach it’s unsurprising that your people then don’t get around to turning the awareness you’ve delivered into action. Mercer Money provides both the education and the means for your people to act in one place, helping them to move from financial awareness to financial fitness.


There are innovative technical products in the market, there are exciting financial wellness services and there are educational and analytical finance tools at a retail level, but until now no one has been able to bring all of these propositions together. Mercer Money does this, and the result is a highly customer-centric product which puts your people in the driving seat of their own financial future.


For the first time, your employees will be able to see their whole financial world including their ‘net worth’ all in one place and via an easy to use, intuitive and engaging platform which utilises real time data overlaid with personal insights, nudges and suggestions, they will be able to understand that by making small changes to their finances, big things can happen.

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