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Companies are used to addressing the myriad of challenges they face and still achieving success outcomes. So are we. Mercer’s clients have access to a wide range of specialist advisers, allowing them to benefit from our range of expertise — all under one roof. Mercer constantly innovates, which means our solutions evolve to meet the changing needs of our clients. 

How Mercer Can Help

Whether you’re starting out on a journey in order to set objectives or looking to take the final step, there are a number of ways Mercer can help: 



•  Our state-of-the-art modelling tools (link to PFaroe) illustrate the costs and risks of various funding scenarios.

•  Our Innovation, Policy and Research group works full time to research the impact of economic trends on funding and liaises with the government and the Pensions Regulator on pension policy.

•  Our regular valuation survey (link to press release) helps sponsors to understand how their funding approaches compare to their peers’ and the market in general. 



•  Our team of specialists integrates seamlessly across funding, investment and covenant.

•  We consider a range of liability management options as a way to mitigate funding requirements, reduce risk and contributions, and provide better outcomes for members.

•  Our asset-backed financing specialists were some of the first to advise on asset-backed financing vehicles as a way to mitigate funding and cash requirements. Our expertise in this area means we can develop solutions that benefit sponsors and trustees alike.



•  Our Cash-Flow-Driven Financing (CDF) solution (link to CDF page) has won awards for the most innovative integrated funding and investment solution.

•  Our DB Buyout Zone package aligns the administration, funding and investment of your scheme with a goal of reaching buyout within three to five years. 

•  Partnering with our sister company, Marsh (link to Marsh site), we have brokered a number of surety bond structures to provide sponsors with lower cash contributions and trustees with additional security. 


Mercer can help to design the right journey for your DB scheme. 

Download one of our tailored brochures to understand how Mercer can help create positive change for your defined benefit (DB) schemes.

Download this brochure to understand how Mercer can help you if your company’s defined benefit scheme is in deficit and you are looking for a fresh approach. 

Download this brochure if your company’s defined benefit pension scheme is making progress along a journey and learn how Mercer can help you positively manage risk and help you achieve your objectives.

Download this brochure to understand how Mercer can help sponsors of well-funded schemes seeking to define objectives or reduce future reliance on the company.


We have a wide range of expertise and experience in all aspects of the pension scheme journey and a proved track record of adding value for our clients.  Our services cover:

  • Scheme Funding
  • Scheme Design
  • Accounting
  • Balance Sheet Financing
  • Bulk Pensions Insurance
  • Captives
  • Investment Strategy
  • Member Options
  • Longevity
  • Consolidation
  • Master Trusts
  • Defined Contribution and Financial Wellness
  • Multinationals
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Utility Companies

Our corporate clients will often use more than one solution, or service to achieve a desired objective, or combine a number of options over a period of time to complete a de-risking journey.

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