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Investing in well-being makes business sense. Today, employers must support a diverse workforce of employees who are working until later in life and with increasing health risks. The future of public provision of health care is uncertain; and the cost of private health care is rising as it becomes more and more expensive to treat sick employees.

An Integrated Approach

To meet these challenges and remain competitive, employers must think differently about the health care benefits they provide. We are working with employers of all sizes to help them target and address the specific health risks within their organisation and measure the effectiveness and ROI of their initiatives, building a sound business case for health.

The aim is to help employers improve their bottom line through improving the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of their employees by:

  • Facilitating sustained behavioural change to improve health
  • Providing robust benefits for when ill health does arrive

The framework is built around the 5 key segments:

  • Benefit design
  • Brokerage
  • Engagement
  • Internal measurement
  • Health incentives


Mercer Workplace Health Solutions


Putting in place benefit programmes which move with the market, legislation and technology, whilst also mirroring company goals and health care strategy.
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Ensuring you are investing time and money on benefits and providers that are the best fit for your organisation.
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Linking health and wellbeing to company brand and values, creating a shared culture of making the right choice.
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Engaging and interacting with all employees, not just the unwell, through targeted health initiatives.
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Building a holistic data-driven approach to help you identify and target the health needs of each segment of your workforce.
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