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Mercer can provide solutions for employees and individuals including support and professional financial advice on personal financial planning and wealth management, and insured solutions.


Personal Financial Planning and Wealth Management

We work with corporate sponsors to arrange wealth management services for senior and key employees including:

  • Retirement planning.
  • Savings and investments.
  • Tax and estate planning.
  • Optimising company benefit options including, long-term reward programmes.
  • Supplementary risk benefits including life assurance, private health care, long-term disability and critical illness cover.

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Insured Solutions for Individuals

Mercer Marsh Benefits offers employers and their employees the service of its individual health care consulting team. This team is dedicated to providing advice, assistance and access to discounted rates in respect of private medical insurance, dental insurance, travel insurance, health cash plans and health & wellness assessments. We can help:

  • Employees leaving the service by retirement or severance and wishing to continue to be covered on their own personal health care scheme.
  • Employees (including part-time employees) not eligible to join the organisation's scheme, or wanting benefits not included in the existing company scheme.
  • Scheme members with dependants who are not included on the organisation's scheme, or not eligible for cover (for example, because they are over age limits).

Private Medical Insurance For Individuals

Why private medical insurance?

It can be difficult to look after your health and wellbeing when leading a busy life. Making sure you are properly protected should you become unwell or have an accident, helps to give you peace of mind, the security that you need, and can help you get back on your feet quicker.

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) covers the cost of eligible medical treatment in a private facility or ward.

  • Quality cover
    The policies can provide a range of benefits, enabling you to access treatment quicker and often with more choice compared to traditional treatment paths, when using the NHS.
  • Choice
    One of the key benefits of private healthcare is the choice that it can provide around where and when you receive the care that you need.
  • Waiting times
    The NHS’ target for treating a non-emergency procedure, such as a knee or hip operation, is 18 weeks1.  How would you or your family cope, if you had to wait this long for a procedure, as well as factoring in recovery and rehabilitation time?


How we can help

Our specialist Private Medical Insurance team will work with you to find a level of cover that is most suited to your needs. Whether you’re looking for more information on the benefits of private medical insurance, or need help finding cover, we can help you.

How you can benefit

A typical policy will provide you with fast access to a private consultant, diagnostic tests and if required in/day patient treatment. Some policies will even cover you for private GP appointments and will book your consultation with a specialist for you

When you have an illness, are in discomfort or even unable to work, your main priority is to be treated as soon as you can and receive the best treatment possible. We work closely with our clients to put the right policy in place so you have peace of mind that if the worst were to happen, you can just concentrate on getting better.

Some of the features and benefits of PMI include:

  • Treatment in clean, modern facilities, with advanced technology.
  • Cover for serious illnesses, such as cancer.
  • Choice over who will supervise your treatment and which hospital you visit.
  • Physiotherapy and complementary practitioner treatment.
  • Access to your own, private room.
  • Unrestricted visiting hours.


Group Scheme Leaver Service

What is a group scheme leaver service?

Many employees think that leaving a company will also mean leaving their company benefits such as private healthcare cover behind. If they’ve recently received treatment, it can also cause worry that they will be unable to get comparable healthcare cover.

Continuing healthcare cover: why it’s good for you and your employees

Regardless of whether your business is already a client of ours, we can work with you to bring continuing healthcare cover for your employees leaving their company-paid Private Medical Insurance (PMI) policy.

  • MMB has access to bespoke products with leading providers
  • With our tailored product, your employees can benefit from the comfort of knowing they can get cover for their medical history.
  • Their new private healthcare insurance cover will start on the day they leave your company policy.

Provide your people with peace of mind whilst protecting your business reputation and let them know that they can continue to benefit from Private Healthcare Insurance.

As with all healthcare insurance plans, entitlement to benefits under a personal plan will be subject to the terms and conditions of the product chosen and may differ from those under the corporate plan.

Be remembered as a good employer

The option to continue the healthcare cover on the same personal medical underwriting terms only lasts for a limited time period once your employees leave your business – between 30 and 90 days from the date they leave your company scheme, depending on the insurer. So show your people that you care by making them aware of the private healthcare options before they leave.

For more information on PMI or Group Leaver Scheme for individuals, please call us on 0800 011 3136 or 01425 481 555.

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