When was the last time you took a step back?


Sometimes we look at something for so long it loses its meaning. This is certainly the case for many organisations’ employee benefits strategy and design. 


Do you have a strategy in place and is it fit for purpose? When was the last time it was reviewed? Creating an employee benefits strategy, transforming the current one or reviewing what you have in place need not be a burden. We are here to support you with the diverse needs of your business and your people, helping you develop and deliver innovative employee benefits strategies that are designed to engage employees, improve efficiencies, maximise ROI and reduce cost and risk.


Drini Zerka

Drini Zerka

Head of Scheme Design

Drini has broad experience across health, finance, protection and lifestyle benefits. He helps design competitive, future-proof benefits packages, tailored to clients' unique needs and objectives.

Emma Bassett

Emma Bassett

Client Strategy Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits

Emma believes digital capability is fundamental to executing an effective people strategy, encapsulating reward, recognition, benefits and wellbeing, and helps clients to achieve maximum ROI.

Martin Dearman

Martin Dearman

Mid-Market Consulting Leader

Martin oversees our UK propositions in scheme design, flex benefits, and specialises in consulting around digital benefit solutions. He helps our clients deliver strategies that engage employees, improve processes and control cost and risk.


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