Mercer | Eldercare Support for Employees and Their Families

Mercer | Eldercare Support for Employees and Their Families

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What is AgeingWorks?

AgeingWorksis the comprehensive solution for your working carers with eldercare responsibilities. Featuring an intuitive online portal with guides and webinars, you can tailor it to your business and use employee data to gather insights about their needs.

Many employers have programmes to support working parents, but struggle to address the increasing challenge of supporting working carers.  

  • 1 in 9 employees are working carers, forecast to increase by 50% to 1 in 6 employees within the next 15 years[1]
  • 1 in 5 working carers leave work due to care responsibilities, which impacts retention of talent and can drive up recruitment and training costs[2].
  • £5 billion a year is the cost to the UK economy of carers giving up work to care - UK businesses lose a further £3.5 billion[3]

Why Mercer AgeingWorks?

AgeingWorks builds on Mercer’s deep expertise in improving the wellness of employees and delivers an all-in-one package of consulting, digital employee support and engagement materials so that you can easily implement your own programme.

  • Data-driven insights
    Track employee participation and measure the results
  • Working carer support
    Simple, clear information, practical advice, resources and help from experts
  • Proactive “nudges”
    Encourage employees to take control and prepare for their elderly care needs
  • Easy implementation
    Simple set-up with employee engagement materials to help communicate the benefits


What Our Clients Say About AgeingWorks

“We know from talking to our employees that caring for ageing family members [is] complex and multi-faceted. As a forward looking organisation we continually strive to support our employees in new and relevant ways. Adding a programme specifically aimed at eldercare support and older workers to our employee support programme enables us to give our staff access to the professional advice and guidance they may need.”

Nupur Singh Mallick
HR Director UK & Ireland
Tata Consultancy Services

Supported Initiatives

Mercer is delighted to support the 2022 One Million More older workers target - the initiative from Business in the Community and Government Business Champion for Older Workers. We’re encouraging our clients to ‘Commit & Publish’ as we work towards the target:

  • Commit to collaborating with Business in the Community  to reach the target, and;
  • Publish the number and percentage of older workers in their workforce, creating transparency.

Find out more about the Commit & Publish initiative at:

*Terms & conditions apply. Existing AgeingWorks clients or clients who have previously trialled AgeingWorks are not eligible for the offer. Offer ends 31 August 2017 – a Letter of Engagement must be completed by this time which will include an annual fixed payment for consultation, in addition to the AgeingWorks portal licence fee. This portal licence fee is not payable until 1 January 2018, after which a minimum 12 month contract period applies.

1. Employers for Carers report, 2015:
2. Carers Trust, 2017:
3. UK Carers Manifesto 2015:

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