Harnessing the power of digital across your employee value proposition


Digital solutions play a key role in driving business growth, transformation and people strategy. The role of digital in administering and communicating reward and benefits remains as relevant today as ever and provides huge opportunities to transform workforce wellbeing, engagement and culture - issues now top of the boardroom agenda.


We are proud to offer market-leading, consumer grade digital solutions to support employers of all sizes. We recognise the critical role digital solutions can play in helping clients take their reward and benefits strategy to the next level, driving improved value through enhanced communications, engagement and employee experience to improved efficiencies, analytics and risk management. To ensure that technology delivers the right outcomes and return on investment for your organisation, our market-leading consultancy services are also here to offer specialist support and relevant insights at every stage of the digital journey.


Innovation sits at the heart of our digital strategy and we are committed to keeping our clients at the forefront of the ongoing technical and data revolution.



Guy Clarkson

Guy Clarkson

Digital Growth Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits

Guy is passionate about how technology can transform reward, benefits, wellbeing, engagement and culture and helps bring the right digital solutions and expertise to clients based on their needs.

Emma Bassett

Emma Bassett

Client Strategy Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits

Emma believes digital capability is fundamental to executing an effective people strategy, encapsulating reward, recognition, benefits and wellbeing, and helps clients to achieve maximum ROI.

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