Workplace Health
Why good health is good business

Health and well-being have never been higher on the business agenda. The physical and mental well-being of staff has one of the largest impacts on the people costs of a business — making it a critical concern for any organisation.

This paper shows why a data-driven approach to health is crucial for employers. Not only because wellness impacts engagement (and all the positive gains thereof) but also because the UK has a well-established “productivity problem” that is depleting the bottom line of UK companies.

In times of uncertainty, objective, informed decision-making becomes all the more important for businesses to forge a clear path forward. By establishing the right priorities based on a sound understanding of your workforce’s key health risks and behavioural barriers, you can create a clear and effective well-being strategy for your organisation.

Moreover, taking such an approach yields the results and proof of return on investment that business leaders increasingly require.

In this paper, we:

  • Analyse the cost of lost productivity for UK businesses.
  • Build a picture of the factors affecting workplace health.
  • Investigate unhealthy behaviours and how we can improve them.
  • Consider the results of companies that are taking a metrics-based approach to health.

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