How do Institutional Investors Achieve Better Governance?

How do Institutional Investors Achieve Better Governance? | Mercer 2018

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How do Institutional Investors Achieve Better Governance?
Calendar19 September 2018

There is a range of governance models emerging that may help institutional investors achieve better governance, lower costs, more agile decision-making and better investment outcomes.

In this video series, Michael Dempsey, Senior Partner and European Head of Investment Solutions at Mercer, discusses the main trends and challenges in the market, what this means for institutional investors in terms of governance and how Mercer can help you.


What are the market trends and impact on institutional investors?

How is Mercer responding?

Is delegation the answer?

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For more than 40 years, Mercer has provided investment advice and practical solutions to institutional clients.  We partner with wealth managers, financial intermediaries, and other assets owners and fiduciaries. We assist across the continuum of institutional investing, from strategy, structure and implementation to ongoing fiduciary management.

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