Coming out in the workplace

In April of 2018, Stonewall published research revealing troubling information about discrimination in the workplace. They found that 35% of LGBT people had hidden their identity in the last year because they were afraid of discrimination. Against this background and context, we held a panel discussion to talk about coming out in the workplace specifically from a female perspective.

Nabila Zulfiqar Chief Adjudicator Solicitors Regulation Authority and SRA Ally is joined by Claire Skinner, Global Co-Chair of Mercer Pride, Clare Coates, Deputy Chair for Barclays Spectrum and Ailsa Brown, Women's Representative, Glee@PwC.

Coming out in the workplace - watch the full video

How important was workplace culture to you when you came out in your organisation?

How did you come out at work?

Was coming out easier as senior leaders?

Coming out only happens once?

Why do you think it’s important to be out at work?

Do you think it helps that discrimination on the grounds of sexuality is unlawful in the UK?

What can organisations do to become more inclusive?

Do companies appreciate the positives from a diverse workforce?

How important are senior leaders?