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Addressing the Gender Pay Gap In the Tech Industry

The upcoming Gender Pay Gap Reporting regulations require UK employers with 250+ employees to disclose their gender pay gap and other metrics.

Mercer has undertaken analysis of the Gender Pay gap in the UK high-technology sector, covering 66,000 employees across 153 companies. The findings reveal that men in high-tech companies earn 25% more than women, compared to the gap in the UK overall of 18%.

The industry is overwhelmingly represented by men (75%) but is more balanced among lower-level roles. In line with other industries, this reflects the lack of progression for women and segregation of women into clerical nontechnical/specialist roles: the split at junior support level is 51% male, this rises to 75% at the mid-level professional level and peaks at executive jobs, with women comprising just 13% of the workforce, compared to UK norms twice that.

Furthermore, men and women are rated equally on performance at each of these levels, but men are twice as likely to have reached the management level, and men receive 20% more in terms of bonuses.

Our report details what actions you can take to address the Gender Pay Gap in the high-tech sector and will help you understand the following points:

  • How to interpret the government requirement
  • What is the state of gender equality and the gender pay gap in the UK High-Tech sector?
  • What causes the gap in High-Tech?
  • What steps can you take to address the issues?
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