In a year like no other, advisers and providers from across the UK risk transfer market have demonstrated robustness, resilience and incredible focus in carrying forward the momentum from 2019, which was a record year for the risk transfer market. Our 50-strong Mercer Risk Transfer Group has supported clients in completing a diverse range of transactions and member option exercises, from small scheme buyouts using our streamlined quotation service to high-profile deals such as the £1.1bn de-risking trade for AIB (using the first ever “APP” bridge-to-buyout structure), the £650m buy-in for 3i and the £1.4bn longevity swap for UBS. We hope you enjoy the new video format of our Risk Transfer Market Watch and we would love to hear your views on the issues covered.

Welcome to Mercer's Streamlined Quotation Service


Watch our short animation to find out just how our Streamlined Quotation Service is helping smaller deals to get noticed by more insurers.


Bulk annuities – the insurer’s perspective with Ben Stone

Watch three bulk annuity providers in conversation on the buy-out opportunities for pension schemes in 2020, how insurers have adapted to lockdown and the introduction of commercial consolidators.

How might a transaction affect your share price with Nora Mageean 

Analysis by Mercer shows that companies which transfer pension obligations to an insurer tend to have a share price which performs better than their peers. Discover more here.

Welcome to our Risk Transfer Market Watch 2020 Mid-Year Review with Andrew Ward


Welcome to our mid-year Risk Transfer Market Watch. Andrew Ward introduces the series of videos.


Why overlooking the investment aspects of a deal could cost you millions with Emma Hudson 

Hear from Mercer and one of our clients about how careful consideration of the investment aspects of a transaction can literally add millions of pounds of value (while reducing risks at the same time).

Small is beautiful – how to maximise insurer attention for your smaller scheme with Ruth Ward 


See how the Mercer Streamlined Quotation Service is creating more opportunities for UK DB pension schemes under £100m to buy out their liabilities with insurers. We explain why this approach works so well in the current market.




The big picture – our 2020 vision of risk transfer with David Ellis


Watch our overview of the risk transfer market and how it continues to develop in 2020 despite the obvious headwinds from COVID-19.



Will superfunds fly in to save pensions with Patrick Lloyd 


Commercial consolidators, or superfunds, are the latest addition to the pension landscape and for some schemes may deliver a swifter path to risk transfer. What are they and which schemes might they be appropriate for?

Getting the deal done - Premaberg demonstrates how to capture opportunities with Ruth Ward 

Hear from PAN Trustees and Just Group about how the Premaberg Scheme completed a buy-in transaction within four days of receiving final pricing.  Mercer’s Ruth Ward joins the discussion to explain how price monitoring with the Mercer Streamlined Quotation Service identified a price opportunity and enabled this speedy completion.

AI & member options with Maurice Speer 

Find out more about Mercer’s recently launched artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tool that can help DB pension schemes predict the outcome of a member options exercise. This new data-driven approach helps pension schemes and sponsors better manage risk through planning member options projects that have optimum member offer structures.



Assessing longevity in a world of COVID-19 with Alastair Walker 


We explore what the short and longer-term impact on longevity may be from COVID-19, taking a holistic view, and discuss if it is still worth considering hedging longevity risks in a DB scheme.

Bringing it all together – Project Coeus with Chris Hawes 


Mercer’s Chris Hawes and PIC’s Pete Rennalls discuss Project Coeus, which brought together a range of risk reduction activities and stakeholders in order to achieve an all-risks buyout within a year of commencing the project.

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