The impact of health on productivity cannot be ignored


According to the latest figures released by the Office for National Statistics, the UK are, on average, 24% less productive every hour than workers in Germany, the US and France.


A frequently overlooked element of the “productivity puzzle” is the relationship between the health of the workforce and its ability to perform. This begs the questions what can organisations do to better understand and provide the support required to improve the health of the workforce?

One solution is to personalise your employee health and wellbeing program to drive change. Employers also need to consider the extent to which the culture of the workplace is impacting the health and productivity of employees, and to nip any toxic cultures or management styles in the bud.

To read the latest research from Britain’s Healthiest Workplace into why health is a key driver of productivity and our latest thinking on ways you can boost health to boost productivity, please download the full report.

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