Welcome to our new physical wellbeing toolkit! Here you can access free guidance, information and resources on how to maintain and manage your physical wellbeing. Our aim is to help you prioritise your health so you are able to manage the complex challenges we are all facing during this unprecedented time.


Please also visit our mental wellbeing and financial wellbeing toolkits for insights and guidance on these areas.


Maintaining physical wellbeing

Looking after our wellbeing has never been more important and physical health is a big part of that. We tend to think of physical health in terms of fitness but little decisions we make around our nutrition, sleep, and home working environment all have a big impact on our physical wellbeing.


The measures brought in due to the coronavirus has brought a new set of challenges as we all adapt to the ‘new normal’. Daily routines have been disrupted, working from home has become commonplace and as a result, it is easy to lose focus on our health.


Keeping fit, staying energised and looking after our bodies as well as our mental health are more important than ever before. In this toolkit, we have provided articles, resources and guidance that will help you and your loved ones to prioritise your wellbeing and make healthy choices during this uncertain time.  

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