Achieving racial equality is more than representation


To drive change and overcome racial inequalities in the UK workplace, organisations must make decisions using data-driven insights, set measurable goals, engage all leaders and instil a culture that values diversity. It is important to consider this from a 360-perspective across the health, wealth and career of your employees to solve for inequities that may exist across the employee journey.


Our new research


We’re conducting new research to understand how UK organisations are addressing racial equality. Our research will aim to focus on uncovering the causes of workplace inequities, identifying which behaviours are helping to close these gaps and those which may be worsening the problems.


The survey has now closed, and the research report will be available in 2023.


We will be hosting a webinar in the early part of Q1 2023 to discuss some of the key insights from the research report. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the report and joining our webinar, you can register your interests using the form below.

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Our experts

Michelle Sequeira 

Senior Principal Consultant and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader, UK & Europe


Michelle works with organisations globally as a senior DEI strategist to advance their DEI outcomes and achieve a talent advantage through people, evidenced-based approaches and the support of a broad range of ongoing implementation and change management activities.


Lucy Brown 

Senior DEI Consultant and Global Pride Co-Chair


Lucy helps to accelerate an organisation’s DEI strategy, and in particular, has expertise in designing inclusive practices for neuro-divergent employees, LGBT+ employees and employees experiencing menopause or menopause-like symptoms.

Lucy Iremonger 

Senior DEI and Reward Consultant


Lucy has extensive experience providing organisations with solutions to their Reward and DEI challenges, in particular across parental leave and inclusive leadership. Lucy also leads our UK Gender Pay Gap approach.

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