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MMGPI 2017 United Kingdom Report

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United Kingdom – Mercer Melbourne Global Pension Index
Calendar23 October 2017

The United Kingdom’s retirement income system comprises a single tier state pension supported by an income-tested pension credit, and supplemented by voluntary occupational and personal pensions. Auto enrolment covers nearly all employers from 1 April 2017, requiring employers to enrol employees in pension schemes with minimum contributions (currently 2% but planned to increase to 8% from April 2019) but employees can opt out.

The overall index value for the British system could be increased by:

  • ƒrestoring the requirement to take part of retirement savings as an income stream
  • ƒraising the minimum pension for low-income pensioners ƒ
  • further increasing the coverage of employees in occupational pension schemes ƒ
  • increasing the level of contributions to occupational pension schemes
  • ƒraising the level of household saving
  • accelerating the intended increases in the state pension age

The British index value increased from 60.1 in 2016 to 61.4 in 2017 primarily due to the allowance for voluntary occupational pension plans. The ongoing introduction of the auto-enrolment process should improve the index value in future years with broadening coverage and an increase in the level of funded retirement benefits.

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