Leadership Development

In our latest leadership research, which you can read by downloading our report Connecting Leadership to Value, we asked organisations what their leaders need to be able to deliver. Their response? An organisation that can grow, innovate, and respond to globalisation.

Current research within the market paints a picture of leaders who are not ready to deliver against the challenges of tomorrow.

Furthermore, by focusing on how leaders are developed, the research provides multiple reasons why leadership development methods are not working.

Leadership Is a Cornerstone of a Successful Organisation

The connection between business strategy, leadership development and the return on investment is broken. In the report we break the elements of successful leadership development into four areas that need to be connected to achieve true success:

  • Why? Define the overall purpose of leadership for your organization and what business imperatives and competitive advantage they need to focus on.
  • What? Understand the talent and leadership needs. Our research shows that the chain breaks between business imperatives and talent and leadership needs. 62% of organisations had a leadership strategy; however, only 27% include a business case.

  • How? The next break occurs when organisations are deciding which leadership interventions to deploy in fulfilling their leadership strategy. Our findings show that organisations recognise effective learning mechanisms, but either aren’t using them or aren’t supporting them to thrive.
  • So what? Our research indicates a chronic lack of return on investment measurement. 81% percent of organisations we surveyed indicate that they do not measure the return on investment of leadership development. Without discipline around this data companies are missing an opportunity to evidence change to the business and continuously improve their approach.
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