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Join podcast host Nick McClelland, Mercer’s growth leader in our podcast series - ‘ESG insights’ – where we will explore ESG from a people, purpose and profit perspective. Nick will be joined by guests from Mercer and beyond who will share their ideas, experiences and actionable insights to help you on your ESG journey.


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ESG insights episode 3 

The view from the top – a special episode with the CEO of Marsh UK & Ireland, Chris Lay


October 2022 | Episode 3 | 26 min


Chris Lay, Chief Executive Officer for Marsh UK & Ireland joins host Nick McClelland for this special episode of our ESG insights podcast focussing on risk management. Given the current economic environment and inflationary pressures this episodes asks about the potential compromises organisations may need to consider.

ESG insights episode 2 

The S in ESG: The priority areas of diversity, equity and inclusion


August 2022 | Episode 2 | 19 mins


What are the priority areas of diversity, equity and inclusion? Join host Nick McClelland, Mercer’s growth leader and Michelle Sequeira who leads Mercer’s DEI consulting practice for the UK and Europe as they cover more of the S in ESG, and the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion with a focus on pay disparities.

ESG insights episode 1 

What is ESG?


June 2022 | Episode 1 | 23 mins


What is ESG and what does it really mean? Join host Nick McClelland, Mercer’s growth leader who explores these questions with Mercer’s Vanessa Hodge, Sustainability Integration Lead and Maura Jarvis, UK lead for transformation. In this podcast they cover the E, S and G in detail and unpack the multi-dimensional level of ESG, the complexity and how everything is linked together.

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