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Health on Demand

December 2021


The pandemic has fundamentally altered the way we work. Having experienced increased flexibility, most employees are now looking for a better work-life balance. At the same time, employers have become acutely aware of how important the wellbeing of the workforce is to the success of their business.


Join Chris Bailey and Alison Byrne as they share their insights on our upcoming Health on Demand report, which looks at some of the biggest issues employees have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and how this correlates with what employers are actually providing. Our experts also explore the three key trends from the research; mental health, digitalisation, and diversity, empathy and inclusion.


UK Health on Demand report 2022

You may also be interested in Mercer Marsh Benefits’ latest research report, Boosting employee engagement through benefits choice, which explores these three key themes in more detail and look at how employees in the UK are thinking and feeling in this post-pandemic world


Guests this episode

Chris Bailey

Partner, UK & Ireland Region Leader
Mercer Marsh Benefits

Alison Byrne

Consulting & Workplace Health Team Leader
Mercer Marsh Benefits


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