Join Jack Curzon, Consulting Director at Mercer, in our new podcast series exploring the future of work and how you can support, engage and motivate employees to help your people, and business, thrive. Jack will be joined by guests from Mercer and beyond who will share ideas, experience and actionable insights to help you create a people-first workplace to attract and retain the best talent.

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Environmental, Social and Governance

November 2021
Episode 7: length 32:59 mins

David Wreford and Yvonne Sonsino discuss the employee experience including some of the peripheral aspects of organisations, from flexibility, to how organisations support working parents, and importantly sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as a frame and concept around the employee experience.

Guest speakers:

David Wreford: Partner – UK Sustainability Consulting Lead, Mercer
Yvonne Sonsino: Partner – Global Transformation Services, Mercer

Health and wellbeing

November 2021
Episode 6: length 29:23 mins

Alana Rae and Dr Wolfgang Seidl discuss the different dimensions of wellbeing, changing employee needs and the importance of factors like culture, flexibility, engagement, psychological safety and physical working environments.

Guest speakers:
Alana Rae: Specialities Growth Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits
Dr Wolfgang Seidl: Workplace Health Consulting Leader UK and Europe, Mercer Marsh Benefits


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

October 2021
Episode 5: length 39:17 mins

Michelle Sequeira and Tony Wood discuss the meaning of DEI, the importance of data and understanding the real lived experience of employees, and the small steps businesses can take now to begin their DEI journey.

Guest speakers:
Michelle Sequeira: UK Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consulting Leader, Mercer
Tony Wood: Managing Director Continental Europe, Mercer Marsh Benefits


Mental wellbeing

October 2021
Episode 4: length 41:52 mins

The pandemic has challenged our mental wellbeing, with many left languishing or worse. Dr Wolfgang Seidl and Donna Biggs discuss how different employees have been affected and where employers can offer more support.

Guest speakers:
Donna Biggs: UK HR Leader, Mercer
Dr Wolfgang Seidl: Workplace Health Consulting Leader UK and Europe, Mercer Marsh Benefits

Business transformation

September 2021
Episode 3: length 22:17 mins

Business transformations have accelerated, with organisations forced to adapt to a world of extreme change for long term survival. Emma Bassett and David Dodd discuss key factors in successful transformations.

Guest speakers:
Emma Bassett: UK Client Strategy Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits
David Dodd: UK Mid-market Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits

Financial wellbeing

August 2021
Episode 2: length 32:31 mins

The global pandemic has amplified the need for meaningful financial wellbeing support in the workplace. In this episode, we discuss where organisations can start in their journey to offer financial wellbeing solutions.

Guest speakers:
Jeremy Milton: UK Financial Wellbeing Leader, Mercer
Paul Goodwin: UK Wealth Proposition Leader, Mercer

Company culture

August 2021
Episode 1: length 32:16 mins

Getting company culture right can unlock business growth and long-term sustainability, but where to begin? Christina Dove and Nick McClelland discuss what culture means to them and how companies can approach cultural change.

Guest speakers:
Christina Dove: Partner & UK Culture Leader,  Mercer
Nick McClelland: Partner & UK Growth Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits

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Meet the podcast host

Jack Curzon
Consulting Director, Mercer

Jack oversees our UK propositions in benefits scheme design, flex benefits, wellbeing and communications and helps clients deliver strategies that engage employees, improve processes and control cost and risk.

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