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COVID-19 has fundamentally altered the way we work. Employers need to offer choice in benefits offerings to meet diverse workforce needs and boost employee engagement. Our latest UK Health on Demand research, Boosting employee engagement through benefits choice, captures how employees in the UK are thinking and feeling in this post-pandemic world. We wanted to really understand what employees need and expect from their employers, what health solutions are considered the most important and which benefits they most value.

The pandemic has accelerated existing trends and disparities.

Everyone is different, so providing benefits, choice and flexibility is the way to truly meet the needs of an increasingly diverse workforce. We have identified three key trends that HR managers, risk managers and the C-suite should be aware of and consider when building their health, well-being and reward programmes.

Mental health

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Employees want better mental health support at work. Employers need to provide access to effective and affordable support services that help prevent and manage mental health issues.


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Employees value digital healthcare - but it could be used better. Employers must consider embedding digital healthcare offerings at the heart of their reward and benefit plans.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

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Employers are expected to do more to provide equal outcomes for all employees. Benefit offerings should encourage positive healthcare behaviours and reflect changing needs across all workforce demographics.

The results of our research are compelling. We found that the broader an organisations benefits offering, the happier, more loyal and more productive their workforce. Our report provides actionable steps and recommendations for how employers can best meet their employees’ evolving needs and maintain a productive workforce.



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