Mercer Harmonise™, the employee benefits platform

Era of the Individual

Mercer Harmonise™, the employee benefits platform

Mercer Harmonise™, our digital platform to help your employees understand, engage with and take control of their health and wealth needs - all in one place. Personalised nudges and interactive tools will help employees make proactive decisions, guided by Mercer's insights and underpinned by high-quality products and services.

Empowered employees. Thriving businesses.

When employees worry about their health, financial security, and the future, they are less productive and engaged. 

Mercer Harmonise™ helps your people take control. It streamlines and clarifies decision-making, giving them the confidence they need to take action. 

The end result? Happier, healthier, and engaged employees driving your business forward.

Why Mercer Harmonise™

Powerful & Holistic

All health and wealth needs,
all in one place

Cost Saving

Engaged and productive

Simple & Responsive

Anytime access,
on any device


Taking the complexity out of managing your health, wealth and future

Our recent survey showed that the pressures people face outside of work lead to diminished concentration, job satisfaction, and productivity. With Mercer HarmoniseTM, your employees can:

  • Set personal goals and actions.
  • Access guidance and education.
  • Access face-to-face advice.
  • Model the effects of decisions.
  • Make purchases quickly and simply.
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