Era of the Individual
Is employee stress affecting your bottom line?

Our UK and Ireland survey helped us understand how the pressures people face outside of the workplace impact on employee engagement and productivity. The results uncovered what is most important to employees, their concerns and how these worries affect their work.

We recently surveyed* employees across the UK and Ireland to find out how the pressure of modern life affects performance in the workplace. The survey sheds light on exactly what these pressures are and how things can be improved for both employees and employers.

*The survey covered 1,500 employees and was conducted by Red C and commissioned by Mercer.

These life concerns are having a very real effect on employees. Imagine how many of your employees feel the same way, and the impact on their performance at work. What if you could do something about it?

You can.

Mercer HarmoniseTM helps by enabling your employees to take action. Mercer HarmoniseTM is a digital platform that helps employees understand, engage with, and take control of their health and wealth needs - all in one place. Personalised nudges and interactive tools will help your employees make proactive decisions, guided by Mercer's insights and underpinned by high-quality products and services.

The end result: happier, healthier, and more engaged employees driving your business forward.

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