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Senior members of our global investment research team share their views on today’s investment landscape and discuss the investment trends they envision over the next few years. What might these mean for your investment portfolio and what action should you look to take?


What sets a dividend investing approach apart from other equity mandates, and how can such an approach fit into your portfolio? Watch our 7 minute video with Shruti Kumar, Senior Investment Consultant, and Suzanne Lubbe, Asset Class Specialist, Equity Boutique, or read our paper to find out!


Joanne Holden, UK Chief Investment Officer, and Wayne Fitzgibbon, Wealth Strategist, discuss the challenges DB schemes have with net cash outflow, and why this means trustees and corporates need to take a different approach to risk management.


Vanessa Hodge, Senior Investment Consultant, and Indira Sabitova, Asset Class Specialist in Mercer’s Equity Boutique, discuss how investors can maximise the likelihood of identifying skilful managers, with a specific focus on active share.


Investing in a Time of Climate Change - The Modelling

Rob Bailey, Director of Climate Resilience, MMC Insights, and Steven Sowden, Senior Investment Consultant, Mercer, discuss the modelling that has underpinned Mercer's "Investing in a Time of Climate Change - The Sequel" report.

Investing in a Time of Climate Change

Tony English, Senior Investment Consultant and Jillian Reid, Senior Responsible Investment Specialist, discuss the findings of Mercer’s recently published report – Investing in a time of Climate Change.

Onshore China Bonds

Asset Class Specialists Kirstin Irvine and Lewis Emmons look at China bonds as the country liberalises and opens up to foreign investment through the evolution of its currency, stock and bond markets.

Exploring the Retail Sector

John Elmore-Jones, Director of Global Knowledge and Content, and Paul Richards, Head of European Real Estate, discuss the significant changes happening in the retail sector and how investors and asset owners can still deliver on their investment objectives.

Economic and Market Outlook 2019 and Beyond

The global economy performed well again in 2018, following the strength seen in 2017. However, as the year progressed the recovery became less synchronised. Join Penny Aitken, Asset Class Specialist, Hedge Fund Boutique and Rupert Watson, European Head of Asset Allocation, Delegated Solutions, as they discuss the economic and market outlook for 2019.

2019 Global Investment Themes and Opportunities

The themes that we believe will help investors prepare portfolios for the opportunities and risks in 2019, presented by Deb Clarke, Global Head of Investment Research, and Kishen Ganatra, European Director of Strategic Research.

Investing in Emerging Market Debt

Research Specialists, Lewis Emmons and Noel Collins, talk about what Emerging Market Debt (EMD) is, how to invest in EMD and some of the factors that may decide on whether it is appropriate for your portfolio.

Investing in Gold

Senior Investment Consultants Chris Austin and James Brundrett discuss the reasons why there is an increased spotlight on gold as an investment option, the type of investors who may be interested in this route and how investors can add gold to their investment portfolio.

Investing in Multi-Asset Strategies

Rosie Conder, Senior Investment Analyst and Shailan Mistry, Research Specialist in Mercer’s hedge fund boutique discuss multi-asset strategies, covering how we view the current world of multi-asset strategies and how they can best be used in an investment portfolio.

Investing in Exchange Traded Funds

John Elmore-Jones and Matt Scott discuss investing in Exchange Traded Funds.

How do Institutional Investors Achieve Better Governance in a More Complex Investment Environment?

Michael Dempsey, Senior Partner and European Head of Investment Solutions at Mercer, discusses the main trends and challenges in the market, what this means for institutional investors in terms of governance and how Mercer has evolved its business in response.

Alternative Risk Premia Investing

Catrina Arbuckle and Kishen Ganatra talk about alternative risk premia investing.

Inflation & Real Estate Returns in the UK

Ian Murray and Paul Richards talk about inflation and real estate returns in the UK.


February 2018: Factor Investing

Rich Dell and Fran Bgrid-xne discuss Factor Investing in 2018.

December 2017: Economic Outlook

Rupert Watson and Lucy Tusa discuss the economic and market outlook for 2018.


December 2017: Themes and Opportunities

Phil Edwards and Wayne Davidson discuss our key investment themes– identifying the major issues we think investors should be considering as we look forward to 2018.


November 2017: Absolute Return Fixed Income Strategies

Joe Abrams and Marc Marsillo, discuss Absolute Return Fixed Income strategies, how they have performed and what they can be used for.

October 2017: Multi-Asset Credit (MAC) Strategies

Jean de Kock and Noel Collins discuss the potential yields and returns which following a MAC strategy can bring.  

September 2017: Being more dynamic with LDI

Alex Pearce and Hemal Popat discuss the benefits of employing dynamic LDI strategies for potentially higher returns and better risk control.

August 2017 : Liquidity within pension schemes

Mark Clews and Lushan Sun discuss whether schemes have too much liquidity and what the benefits and considerations might be from accessing more illiquid assets.

July 2017: Investment considerations post UK elections

Rupert Watson (European Head of Asset Allocation) and Dean Cheeseman (Mercer’s Portfolio Manager) discuss markets and politics.

June 2017: European Asset Allocation Survey 2017 highlights

Phil Edwards, Global Director of Strategic Research, and Matthew Scott, Investment Consultant, discuss the results of Mercer’s latest European Asset Allocation Survey.

May 2017: Managing Equity Risk

In our latest video, Julien Halfon, a Senior Consultant in Mercer’s Strategic Solutions Group, discusses equity risk. He examines how markets are positioned and gives an analysis of historical equity performance and outlines why you should consider employing derivatives to manage your downside equity risk.

March 2017: How Diversity Impacts Mercer’s Manager Research Ratings

In our latest video, Lushan Sun, Investment Consultant, and Michael Kinney, Senior Research Specialist in Mercer’s Equity Boutique, discuss diversity and how this impacts Mercer’s manager research ratings.  Lushan and Michael explain why we believe that diverse investment teams are more likely to outperform and therefore deliver enhanced returns for our clients, and how we measure diversity in our manager research.

February 2017: Secured Finance Strategies

In our latest video, Paul Cavalier,  Global Head of Mercer’s Fixed Income Boutique, and Joe Abrams, Research Specialist in Mercer’s Fixed Income Boutique, discuss secured finance strategies. Paul and Joe explain what these strategies are, why they are becoming popular and how they play a part in your portfolio.

December 2016: 2017 Investment Themes & Outlook

Phil Edwards (European Director of Strategic Research) and Rupert Watson (European Head of Asset Allocation) discuss Mercer’s view on 2017 Investment Themes and outlook.


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