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Senior members of our global investment research team share their views on today’s investment landscape and discuss the investment trends they envision over the next few years. What might these mean for your investment portfolio and what action should you look to take? Look out for more as we continue the series over 2017!  

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September 2016: Multi-asset strategies within growth portfolios

Phil Edwards (Mercer’s European Director of Strategic Research) and Kishen Ganatra (Lead Researcher for Multi-Asset strategies in Mercer’s Hedge Fund Boutique) discuss the use of multi-asset strategies within growth portfolios and how the use of these strategies might evolve in light of current market conditions.

August 2016: Equity market volatility and derivatives  

Peter Tornkvist (Senior Associate) and Julien Halfon (UK Leader for Global Pension Risk Management) discuss how equity derivatives can be used to limit potential losses from equity market falls.

July 2016: Investment considerations post Brexit vote

Rupert Watson (European Head of Asset Allocation) and Dean Cheeseman (Mercer’s Portfolio Manager) discuss the impact of the Brexit vote on investment portfolios.

June 2016: European asset allocation survey 2016 highlights 

Dan Bristow (Global Head of Investment Analytics) and Nathan Baker (Senior Investment Strategist) discuss the results of Mercer’s latest European Asset Allocation Survey.

May 2016: Low Carbon and Fossil Free Passive Equity

Kate Brett, Senior Responsible Investment Specialist, discusses why low carbon and fossil free indices have emerged, what they are and how they are constructed.

April 2016: Distressed Debt – An Opportunity in the Making?

Phil Edwards (European Director of Strategic Research) and Paul Cavalier (Global Head of Fixed Income Boutique) discuss how credit conditions have evolved over the last 6 months or so and what opportunities that might create for investors.

February 2016: Market Update

As volatility in markets continues Rupert Watson (European Head of Asset Allocation) offers his latest market update.

January 2016: A Broader Perspective on Risk

Deb Clarke, Global Head of Investment Research, and Phil Edwards, European Director of Strategic Research, discuss Mercer's approach to risk management.

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