Workplace Health
How are companies tackling wellness and winning?

In our podcast series, winners of Britain’s Healthiest Workplace 2015 share insights on how they’re improving the health and productivity of their workforces. Mercer’s Chris Bailey discusses the measures they’re taking – and the marked results they’re seeing – across a number of areas. 

Angela Hamlin, HR Director at Janssen, Johnson & Johnson companies discusses:

  • How they’ve embedded a strong health and wellbeing culture within the business.
  • What they’ve done to promote healthy eating and to make good nutrition accessible to their people.
  • How they’ve created a sustained positive motivation amongst staff to make healthy choices.

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Tricia Kalloo, Chief Executive Officer at Wellness International, Adidas UK discusses:

  • How they are motivating staff with both high and low levels of engagement around health.
  • What they do to promote mental health (which had exceptional scores in the study). 
  • Where they are going next on their health journey.

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David Sher, Compensation and Benefits Manager at Old Mutual, discusses:

  • How they’re tracking the health of their organisation over time and the results seen year on year.
  • How they’re supporting employees’ motivation to improve BMI.  
  • How they promote an ethos of living a healthy life and balance that with the demands of running the business.

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Wellness barrier infographic

Resetting the balance of your benefit spend can help employees make healthier choices and reduce absenteeism and presenteeism costs by up to 25%. 

Download an infographic on this topic.

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