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As employees entered lockdown, forced from their workplaces to work from home or furloughed, HR and benefits teams came under immense pressure to keep their workforces engaged, supported, connected and most importantly…cared for. The result? The majority believe they delivered by adapting their benefits offering at a pace that was previously not thought possible. While organisations might have invested more in benefits during the pandemic, it appears it wasn’t a flash in the pan with many also planning to keep investing more – but was this well-spent?


Our latest research report ‘The Digital Revolution: Accelerated approaches to employee reward, wellbeing and engagement’, which is based on our survey of both UK employers and employees across a diverse range of sectors, reveals that whilst 70% of those surveyed felt that their employee experience had changed as a result of COVID-19, only half of these felt that their employee experience changed for the better. 

During the pandemic, employers increasingly became providers of wellbeing as well as work


organisations changed their benefits covid

value added benefits covid

businesses introduced wellbeing offerings

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By tapping into the wealth of rich data HR and reward teams have access to, businesses can now make critical decisions around their benefits and wellbeing strategies finally paving the way for future investment based on fact not instinct.
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David Dodd, Partner
David Dodd
Partner & Mid-Market Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits

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The pandemic highlighted the need for HR and benefits team to evaluate new innovations before putting them in place.

As we come out of the other side of COVID-19, now is the time for the work to begin justifying this innovation and investment. To do this, HR and benefits teams will need to not only collect the right data, but also analyse it to understand the true performance of their benefits strategy. Are employers on the right path to success? Or is a different approach required? What are the proof points to determine whether employers are getting a true return on investment? For many the collection of this data remains a challenge, but a challenge that simply has to be overcome if true success is to be achieved.


Three things we believe organisations can do right now:

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Measure employee sentiment - which changes are most, and least, valued by employees?

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Determine which recent innovations are providing the best return on investment and why.

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Continue the journey along the change curve - what benefits are offered, how are they delivered and what do you need to do to justify further investment?

Our report explores key themes from our research, valuable insights into how organisations responded to the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the vital role of benefits technology in the new world of work.

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