Practical Advice for Organisations in Providing Transgender Healthcare

Practical Advice for Organisations in Providing Transgender Healthcare

Due to the significant increase in LGBT awareness including gender dysphoria and the given advancements in healthcare, employers are faced with a decision that would not have been part of their health and employee benefits scheme design before.

In our most recent white paper Transgender Healthcare, Mercer guides you through the areas of gender identity, transgender healthcare including gender reassignment surgery, and provides practical advice on the options open to organisations in providing coverage to transgender colleagues as part of their diversity and inclusion policy. Some of the key questions we address are:

  • What do we mean by transgender, gender reassignment and gender dysphoria?
  • What is Transgender healthcare?
  • What options are available for employers?
  • What are the likely costs for employers?

Wherever an employer is on its journey towards developing an inclusive programme, there is help and support from a range of sources, and Mercer can help you take that next step.

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