Aligning digital strategy with people strategy


The global pandemic has accelerated the digital and technological changes that have emerged during the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution. Organisations are focused on embracing change, evolving their businesses through digitalisation, technology and data analytics. To achieve these goals sustainably and effectively, they must acquire new, high-demand skills and nurture those who demonstrate them.


As part of our Transforming Engagement series, in partnership with the Reward & Employee Benefits Association (REBA), we explore how businesses are transitioning to a future that sees humans, technology and machines increasingly working side by side. Our latest report in the series highlights the innovation and creativity such dynamic collaboration can foster. It also emphasises the care and investment needed when it comes to the people element of this collaboration to ensure the workforce is fully engaged and prepared for change, not harmed by it.

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It’s time to rethink how work gets done. We can redesign our work by leveraging technology smartly and increasing the flexibility of how people work.
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       Lisa Lyons

      Partner, Head of Workforce Transformation UK,


How digital technology and automation will transform business models and operations over the next two year. At a glance, we found:

53% significant organisational transformation

40% expand permanent remote working (full or hybrid)

25% expect new competitors to emerge


With more than half of employers expecting their organisations to undergo significant transformation, business leaders and HR teams need to be open to new and experimental ways of thinking to build sustainable organisations fit for the future. Processes and systems alone won’t be the winning factor — it’s the people who apply and execute them that will create the competitive advantage. Which means a firm’s digital and people strategies must be aligned.


Some of the changes sparked by the acceleration of digital technology and automation are:

In the past two years:

saw a rise in the development of digital products and services

saw a growth in Artificial Intelligence

increased the use of robots to perform jobs done by humans

Plans for the next two years:

will boost the development of digital products and services

plan to grow use of Artificial Intelligence

will increase the use of robots

Technology Change Is Business Change: Supporting Today’s Workforce for Tomorrow’s Technology
is the third in a three-part series that provides the context and practical steps needed to meet the challenge of transforming organisational culture into a culture that engages its employees and reduces its people risks. 

As part of our ‘Transforming Engagement’ series with REBA, you can also explore our findings on people risk; why the need for change is urgent, and aligning corporate culture and human values.


Explore key challenges facing businesses today and the vital areas where HR teams will focus.




Aligning corporate culture and human values - discover how to achieve growth, balanced with purpose.



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