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Progressive employers are now looking at the importance of social connections and community wellbeing and the industry is also stepping up development of solutions to support this.
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Alana Rae
Principal, Growth Leader, Mercer

The world of work has changed dramatically over the past year, with one of the most fundamental shifts relating to social wellbeing and the way we connect with our colleagues. With working from home and hybrid approaches to work becoming the norm, what role can employers play in connecting employees?


Watch Sheila Champion-Smeeth, Global Head of Wellbeing, People and Communities at Cisco; Chris Laughlin, Global Reward and HR Service Director at Abcam; and Alana Rae, Principal, Growth Leader at Mercer as they discuss how to support connection and belonging among frontline and home-based employees.


Together they look at the new tools, technology and techniques available to employers to support social connection and community wellbeing, and take a closer look at the need for greater employee recognition and careful management of presenteeism to mitigate burnout risks.

To learn more about how Mercer’s employee engagement and wellbeing app, Ondo, uses the power of community to support employee social wellbeing then please contact us below or visit the Ondo page.


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