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Innovation at the moment needs to be less about point solutions and more about how we bring this together in a coherent way and think about the employee experience.
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Nick McClelland
UK Growth Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits


Authenticity: the central component of future employee wellbeing strategies


REBA’s exclusive Next Generation Wellbeing virtual breakfast, in association with Mercer Marsh Benefits, brought senior reward professionals from an array of sectors together to discuss new approaches to employee wellbeing.


A key theme from the discussions centred on the need for authenticity around wellbeing; be it authentic wellbeing messages from leadership teams, authentic and sustainable wellbeing strategies that are built on a solid understanding of employees’ needs or authentic wellbeing policies and communications that are business-driven and are not just another HR initiative.


Read the full write-up of the session here and explore views from four senior reward professional who took part in the videos below.

  Nick McClelland, UK Growth Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits

  Jeremy Hill, Head of Pensions & Benefits, Standard Chartered

  Sian Anthony, Head of Reward, Rathbones

  Tracey Newton, Director of Colleague Experience, Yorkshire 
  Building Society

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